A SINGLE CHECK of $600 dollars would be on the way for thousands in the US

GOOD NEWS! A single check of $600 dollars would be on the way for thousands in the US, authorities reported this week, in what represents a new attempt by the states and cities of the country to help thousands of citizens who have been economically affected by the pandemic.

This time, Democratic legislators in the state of Oregon have finally introduced a new bill that includes sending a round of economic stimulus payments to more than a quarter of a million Americans living in the northern state.

A SINGLE CHECK of $600 dollars would be on the way for thousands in the US

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It took time for them to reach an agreement, but they have finally achieved it and it is that at first, the Oregon legislators had in mind to send payments of up to $2,000 dollars for essential workers and $1,200 for residents who were unemployed and returned to the labor market.

Things got adjusted along the way. In January, the negotiations brought the proposal up to $1,000 dollars, and finally, the stimulus checks have been reduced to $600 dollars for each eligible citizen. They also made it clear that it would be a one-time payment.

Who will receive this help?

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Now that Democrats in the Oregon House of Representatives reintroduced this bill, many may be wondering who qualifies? According to the Oregon Public Broadcasting, the aid would be directed to deliver stimulus checks to those essential workers who remained in their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In total, more than a quarter of a million Oregonians will receive a one-time check for up to $600 in their bank accounts. It is estimated that this project will cost the state about $180 million dollars, according to  KTVZ.com.

How many would receive the help?

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Under the new bill, which was introduced this week, the aid would go to some 260,000 Oregonians, especially for those families who claimed earned income tax credits in their 2020 filings, which would mean relief for families. low and middle-income families.

Andrea Valderrama, a Democratic representative from East Portland and who is one of the promoters of the bill, explained that for a couple of reasons the previous proposals ended up shelved and did not bear fruit. We explain why they had not approved this aid before.

Why hadn’t these grants been approved before?

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First of all, the initial project raised the idea that low-income workers would request the payments, so the legislators were concerned about the responsiveness that they would have to have, whether it be a state agency or an external provider in order to provide a timely response. Valderrama explained.

And secondly, the original plan spoke only of essential workers, but this new version does not discriminate between types of workers, making the proposal more inclusive for all employees who need these payments, the local media pointed out.

How would you select those who will receive the check?

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The new project presented by the Democratic legislators of Oregon establishes that all those citizens who in their 2020 state tax return requested the earned income tax credit, then they are automatically eligible for the check.

But this is not the only state in the United States that is offering help to its workers with difficulties, because on the other coast, in Maine they are offering additional “very juicy” checks to any resident of the state who returns to work, the newspaper reported. TheSun.

Checks to Maine workers

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Maine Governor Janet Mills has offered a $1,500 payment to employers with the idea that they give it to all those employees who start work between June 15 and 30. Although they will also receive a check for $1000 dollars when they start in July.

Local authorities estimate that the money will end up positively affecting about 7,500 people in the state of Maine. Keep in mind that the date you return to work will not be the only eligibility condition for receiving this aid from the state.

Who will receive the checks in Maine?

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This program was open to those residents who received unemployment benefits through May 29, and who subsequently accepted a full-time or part-time position paying less than $25 an hour. It is also a requirement to be eligible to have held employment for at least eight weeks.

It is important that local authorities, whether state or city, have designed various community assistance programs aimed at low-income employees, families with children, teachers, among others. Check with your locality what your opportunities are to receive a new payment. A SINGLE CHECK of $600 dollars would be on the way for thousands in the US.

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