Kellogg maintains strict sanitary protocols and ensures food supply

The Kellogg Company announced this Monday that it maintains strict health security measures in all its food processing plants and facilities, thus ensuring the supply of its food and products in Latin America.

The health protocols remain in force given that the covid-19 pandemic continues to represent an important health risk factor, the multinational said in a statement.

Sanitary measures at Kellogg were reinforced at the beginning of the confinement in 2020, when the multinational implemented a series of protocols in all operations, both in manufacturing facilities and in its commercial structure, in addition to remote work for its administrative employees.

While the plants located in Latin America continued to operate with around 3,200 employees, telecommuting was implemented for the personnel in the administrative areas.

” We have provided protection kits, sanitization, different schedules, and healthy distance measures, among others, with the aim of avoiding any risk among factory employees and their families,” explained Nicolás Amaya, president, and CEO of Kellogg Latin America.

“Our 10 food processing plants in Latin America and the 4 that we operate in Mexico, in Baja California, the State of Mexico, Nuevo León and Querétaro, today more than ever are operating with strict health and safety policies; their facilities have been adapted from the entrance to the plant to the common areas to work in them, such as the dining rooms”, added Amaya.

“We have created spaces for sanitization and disinfection of personal objects, we provide transportation service for those who require it,” he assured.

It is also mandatory for all employees to immediately report any symptoms or suspicion of contagion of the covid-19 virus to adopt the appropriate measures.

Kellogg plans to maintain all the aforementioned sanitary safety measures, while the risks caused by the latest omicron variant of covid-19 continue because the processes “continue with the highest quality standards so that our food continues to reach all homes”.

Kellogg has a portfolio of more than 200 products, mainly made with grains such as corn, rice, among others, to ensure food availability in more than 20 countries in the region, in order to guarantee supply even in the most difficult times of the pandemic.

“We will continue to maintain these measures in all our facilities, especially when our employees return to the offices, as we are committed to the well-being of all Kellogg members, their families, and our consumers,” concluded Amaya.

Brazil and Mexico are the two Latin American countries with the highest number of deaths from covid-19, according to a count by Johns Hopkins University.

In Mexico, the health authorities recognize that, based on death certificates, the country may be close to 455,000 deaths, that is, more than 150,000 of those currently officially recorded. Until February 6, 12 of the 32 states in the country will be at a green epidemiological risk traffic light (low risk of contagion), 10 will be yellow (medium risk), including Mexico City; nine in orange (high risk), and one in red (maximum risk).

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