Microsoft plans the return of face-to-face work by the end of February

Microsoft announced this Monday that its workers will begin to return to the offices of its headquarters in the state of Washington, to work in person, starting at the end of this month, after months of remote work due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As of February 28, the software company will give its workers 30 days to start a new hybrid work modality that will encourage more people to go to work at the company’s facilities.

In a statement, Microsoft noted that the reduction in cases and the increase in the vaccination rate in the area had contributed to this decision, adding that other business areas will begin receiving workers in the coming weeks.

The company pointed out that 83.3% of the inhabitants of King County, where most of the workers at Microsoft headquarters reside, have received the full schedule of the covid-19 vaccine and at least 91.6 % have received a dose.

“These high vaccination rates, along with the decrease in hospitalizations and deaths in the state, are part of what allows us to move to this stage of hybrid work,” says the note.

In addition to workers, the tech giant will also start admitting visitors and guests to its facilities and restart transportation services.

Microsoft had suspended indefinitely in September of last year the return of its more than 100,000 employees in the United States to the offices, due to the rebound of covid-19 that occurred at that time due to the delta variant of covid-19.

The company had announced the reopening of its offices for March, July, September, and October of last year, but the health situation pushed it to postpone its plans, as happened with many other large companies in the sector such as Meta, Google, Apple, or Amazon.

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