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The US will donate 60 million vaccines to the rest of the world


The United States will harm the rest of the world with the 60 million AstraZeneca vaccines in its possession as soon as that country’s regulator gives the go-ahead for their use. This was declared this Saturday by the Government of Joe Biden , after the Executive of India had requested the lifting of the ban on the export of vaccine components. At first, the US refused, claiming that it had to give priority to its own population. But on Sunday he changed his mind, and this Monday he decided to deliver all the AstraZeneca doses. According to White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki, “We don’t need AstraZeneca in our fight against Covid.”

It is not known how many doses will go to India, although it is assumed that it will be a significant percentage. In any case, the AstraZeneca vaccine, developed with the help of the University of Oxford, has not yet been licensed in the United States, and until that happens, there will be no export. The Indian health system is completely collapsed by the second wave of the coronavirus, which is partly due to the attitude of the country’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, who has always tried to downplay the pandemic, has allowed sports championships, has authorized religious pilgrimages, and has urged the mainstream media to give “positive news.” They are officially More than 3,000 people die a day from Covid-19 in India, but it is feared that the real figure is several times higher.

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