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After causing his wife Rita Wilson to trip, Tom Hanks yells at fans to ‘back the f**k off.’

Cause Wife Rita Wilson to Trip

Tom Hanks rage was directed towards a swarm of admirers who forced his wife, Rita Wilson, to trip and fall to the ground. Hanks was so enraged that he yelled at them to “f**k off.”

The incident occurred in New York City on Wednesday night as the couple exited a building and walked to their waiting SUV. A bodyguard can be seen attempting to steer the pair through the throngs of onlookers. Hanks can be seen at one point gently nudging a man wearing a bag out of the way as he lags behind his wife.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Wilson is tripped by a fan behind her, and Hanks takes it out on them all. On footage, the Oscar winner, who is known for his cool demeanour, can be seen saying, “This is my wife, guys. Get the f**k out of here!” “Knocking over my wife?” Wilson exclaimed as he dashed to the SUV, as Hanks glared down the crowd.

The paparazzi in tow chastised the fans who had caused the incident before apologising to Hanks, who refused to acknowledge the photographers and hurriedly walked to his SUV. The couple’s reason for visiting New York is unknown, but it’s possible that he was there to promote his new picture, Elvis.

Hanks hasn’t commented on the event yet, but it’s evident that when it comes to his wife’s safety, he’ll go to any length to ensure her safety. It’s also worth noting that Hanks is one of Hollywood’s kindest actors. In reality, the star of Saving Private Ryan crashed a wedding on a beach in Santa Monica, California, back in October.

“All of a sudden we see someone walking through the crowd and I’m like, ‘Who is this person in our pictures?'” the couple told ET after finishing the ceremony. After that, the individual in question removed his hat and exposed himself to be Tom Hanks.

The actor was claimed to be on the beach for a walk at the time of their wedding, according to the couple.

Tashia Farries remarked of Tom Hanks’ visit, “We were so astonished, first of all.” “I’m a celebrity chef, so I’m always around celebrities, and I was really struck by how humble and wonderful Tom Hanks was.”

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