Angelina Jolie has accused Brad Pitt of attempting to ‘inflict violence’ on him over a vineyard.

Jolie allegedly sold her portion in their winery to a competing investor “in secret, deliberately and purposefully breaking his contractual rights,” according to the actor.

Brad Pitt claims that his ex-wife Angelina Jolie sold her portion in their wine company to a competitor investor on purpose in order to “inflict harm” on him.

Pitt has filed court filings in Los Angeles County Superior Court, according to DailyMail.com, as part of a long-running legal dispute between the couple over Chateau Miraval in south-east France, which they purchased in 2008 before their marriage in 2014.

Jolie was given permission to sell her part in 2021 for $164 million (£131.2 million) before the couple’s entire financial arrangement was finalised after their divorce in 2019. Pitt, on the other hand, has filed a lawsuit in an attempt to keep a majority stake in the firm that owns the estate.

Pitt claims Jolie is selling her stake in Miraval to Tenute del Mondo, a wine-making company “indirectly owned and managed by Yuri Shefler, the Russian billionaire who runs the Stoli Group,” according to Pitt.

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