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Ariel Rot: “After Two Heroic Years, We Are Doing Something Different Again”


The Argentine Ariel Rot and the Spaniard Kiko Veneno will tour the Spanish roads in 2022 with the tour “A country to listen to it”, a project that they have already developed on television and that they feel like a tribute to the musicians “after two heroic years.”

In an interview, he offered details of the tour that begins this Sunday in the city of Logroño, as part of the Actual Festival.

The origin of “A country to listen to it” is a television program that the Argentine defines as “very special and stimulating” because 30 installments were broadcast with more than a hundred guests. That’s “the greatest gift for a musician,” he says.

For this reason, already before the coronavirus pandemic, he thought about taking the program on a tour and saw in Kiko Veneno “the ideal companion” due to the contrast of styles.

“I raised the idea to him, he also saw it as a challenge to apply a change in style and he loved it,” says the Buenos Aires musician.


However, when they were advancing in the launch of the tour, the pandemic arrived and stopped it, but thanks to the Current Festival they were able to resume it, something of which Rot was not very sure.

“A country to listen to it”, which already has another date confirmed in February in Madrid, includes a repertoire of the Argentine group Los Rodríguez, of which Rot was part, his own songs, and others by Kiko Veneno, along with songs proposed by the invited artists in every concert.

The tour begins today in Logroño after ten days of rehearsals in Madrid, in which they started from scratch and ended “with the feeling of having created something from nothing”, thanks to the “great meeting” between musicians from different parts of Spain and ” despite the harassment of the covid “.

“We have created, almost without thinking, a long-term proposal, not for three months, thanks to this meeting between musicians and we have overcome an important challenge”, Rot emphasizes.

The format devised, explains the Argentine, is not that of the concerts at one, since the guests in each event will join the band of musicians that is part of the entire tour.

“Luckily, we all love challenges and we have decided to face this one, which is not like when on an organized tour you give the image that you improvise, but you don’t. Here we are going to give ourselves that joy,” says Rot.


At the moment, between the plans of both artists, it is not planned to record the concerts, but “this project is very special and surely something will be done in the future

The Buenos Aires singer and composer visited the Actual Festival more than a decade ago when he was part of the Tequila group and returns “grateful” for being able to continue “on the road”, after more than four decades of career, first in that group, then with Los Rodríguez and, since the end of the last century, alone.

“There is no secret, it is only a matter of effort and trying to do things all the time, not staying in the usual way. I am fortunate that new things continue to happen to me, like the one in this project,” he says.

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