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Baltazar’s words that made Paula Chaves cry

Baltazar's words

The model and partner of Pedro Alfonso broke down when he heard a tender phrase that one of his sons dedicated to him

In the last hours , Paula Chaves published a moving video on her social networks. The model and host showed a moment that she shared with her children, in which there was no lack of games and laughter. However, there was no lack of emotion when sitting on the couch, Baltazar clung to his mother, said: “Ma, I love you.”

“Hello, pretty mommy from my heart,” he said later, while hugging her. Paula Chaves was completely moved by the words that her little one dedicated to her. So much so that she could not help being excited and on the verge of tears.

Her son saw her and noticed her reaction: “Are you crying?” Paula replied “a little”, and provoked a desperate request from him not to cry. He even expressed: “Then you are not my heart. Do not Cry”. Immediately afterwards, the model transformed her tears into laughter at the proposal made by her son Baltazar. Then, regarding her emotional reaction, she highlighted that she is very sensitive and said: “I am still puerperal.”

Weeks ago, Paula Chaves and Pedro Alfonso took advantage of the interaction with the two million followers of the producer to do a kind of couples therapy since, according to what they said, in recent days they had some short circuits. For the former ShowMatch producer they were “crises”, while the host clarified that they were “fights”. Nor could they agree on those definitions.

“What is this?” Asked the host when she got to the transmission that her husband had started seconds before. “He painted. Because there is silence in the house and I said ‘we are going to spend a little bit here. It’s been a long time since we passed, ‘” he replied to his wife, who felt it was a hint for her:“ Do you want to tell me something? ”.

“It is going to be the most boring living in history. There is no reason, Alfonso added. Immediately, Paula sought complicity among the users who were seeing them: “I would like, if they are seeing us, a married couple who are together, why not a couples therapy, because we are having differences lately.”

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While Pedro suggested that he could be a psychologist, his wife asked for “a mediator.” And he clarified that before starting the broadcast, he had been trying to put his youngest daughter, Filipa, to sleep for 40 minutes. “I want to clarify …”. “You’re screwing it at me,” her husband replied. “One has to understand the other knowing where it comes from,” explained the model. A person who comes to have a drink with friends is not the same as a mother who has been here for 45 minutes trying to put a baby to sleep ”.

“You are screwing it at me…” Pedro insisted and revealed the marital problems: “I need a friend so we can pass on our weeks to him. We had some collisions these days, some frictions … ”. Immediately, Paula read a comment from a user and clarified that “they do not become a crisis.” However, her husband corrected her: “There is a crisis. Everyone has their crisis ”.

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