Band “Monsieur Periné” Triumphs On TikTok And Launches New Song, “Volverte A Ver”

The Colombian alternative band, ” Monsieur Periné ” unintentionally triumphed on TikTok, and now, they released their new song, “Volverte A Ver.”

His latest single, “Nuestra Canción”, inspired by the vintage swing genre, has already been successful on digital platforms, but TikTik and social media made it explode, spreading millions of choreographed and creative videos using the song.

After this surprise for the band, their record label Sony Latin insisted that they release another song, to continue gaining traction.

“Volver A Ver”, a song full of hope, joy, and smiles with a touch of jazz, prepares the band for its full release in 2022.

This just goes to show that success on social media can be as natural as conversation, as long as the music is there to guide the way.

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