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Chris Pine and Harry Styles deny spitting story

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Before the world premiere of Don’t Worry Darling in Venice, representatives for Don’t Worry Darling actors Harry Styles and Chris Pine have refuted reports that the former fought with the latter.

A journalist claimed on Tuesday that a video appeared to show Styles spitting as he took his seat next to his co-star on the set of the performance that took place on Sunday. This led to a firestorm on social media.

A person close to the British singer-turned-actor was quoted in the Guardian as saying, “This is not true.” [citation needed]

The publicist for the American actor Chris Pine concurred, calling the claim “crazy.”

‘Online illusion’
“This is a ridiculous story – a complete fabrication and the result of an odd online illusion that is deceiving and allows for foolish speculation,” the spokesperson for the US actor said in a statement. “This is a ridiculous story – a complete fabrication and the result of an odd online illusion that is deceiving and allows for foolish speculation.”

“There is nothing but respect between these two men, and any suggestion otherwise is a clear attempt to create drama that simply does not exist,” the author of the article said. ”

When Styles sat down at the premiere, his co-star, Chris Pine, was sitting between him and the film’s director, Olivia Wilde. Several films that were extensively circulated online showed that when Styles sat down, he appeared to spit at Pine. The way Pine reacted led one to believe that Styles fought.

Billboard Pop also published a video in which Pine can be seen appearing disinterested in what Styles has to say about the movie.

It was the latest in a series of controversies that the film has courted, after fellow star Florence Pugh, who plays Styles’s on-screen partner, walked on the red carpet at the premiere but was noticeably absent from the press conference. This was the latest in a string of controversies that the film has courted.

Wilde, who is Styles’s boyfriend in real life, was questioned by a journalist about allegations of a schism between the two of them. In response, Wilde claimed that she would not participate in the “endless tabloid gossip and all the noise out there.” Instead, she praised Pugh’s acting ability.

Originally, Shia LaBeouf was going to play the character of Styles, however, Olivia Wilde recently stated that she fired him because his “process was not conducive to the ethos that I demand in my shows.” Styles’ role was supposed to have been portrayed by Shia LaBeouf.

The American actor, however, refuted this claim, telling Variety that he had “left the picture owing to a lack of rehearsal time.” LaBeouf added fuel to the fire by sharing a video that Wilde allegedly sent to him in the year 2020. In the video, Wilde reportedly asked LaBeouf to come back to the production and asked if he and Pugh could “make peace.” LaBeouf then shared the video online, further fanning the flames of controversy.

But when a journalist at the same news conference in Venice tried to investigate the matter further, it was quickly shut down by the moderator who was presiding over the event.

Have No Fear! The film Darling, which will be released in theatres in the United Kingdom at the end of this month, has been met with a variety of responses from critics. The Guardian referred to it as an “unconvincing tale of dystopian suburbia,” whereas the Telegraph referred to it as “largely fantastic: the sort of juicy but accessible studio production that has almost entirely disappeared since the 1990s.”

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