Daddy Yankee opens the doors of his mansion for a unique experience

For those who want to discover the most personal side of the famous singer Daddy Yankee, the unique opportunity now opens to stay in his mountain home in Puerto Rico with Airbnb and feel like a true “King of Reggaeton”.

A room with a pool table and decorated with his albums and awards; a garden with a swimming pool and volleyball court; and a master room are some of the rooms available to guests from next December in that exclusive mountain retreat that inspired some of the artist’s successes.

” The design of the house is completely based on his songs, his videos and how he, as an artist, has the ability to bring with his music a very inspiring and at the same time very creative message,” explained Fernando Rodríguez, the well-known Puerto Rican decorator. in charge of the project.

During a visit to the house for a very small number of media, including Efe, the designer Stewart Rodríguez said that he studied in depth the artist’s way of dressing, walking, and singing hits such as “Gasolina”, “Con Calma” and hard”.

“To those who know the story and his life, he is all color and for us, that was the ultimate inspiration,” said Rodríguez, adding that the design reflects “the personality” of Daddy Yankee.


Colors abound on the walls, on the terrace chairs, and in the tire lights that decorate the living room, among other elements, in which an indisputable Puerto Rican touch also prevails.

The graffiti of well-known local artists in various rooms, the Puerto Rican flag on the billiard table mat, and a domino, the most popular and traditional game on the Caribbean island, with the slogan “Puerto Rican pride” stand out.

” Daddy Yankee is a person who is one hundred percent Puerto Rico and I found certain areas and decorative instruments that we could use so that he could celebrate his Puerto Rican pride,” said the decorator.

Born in San Juan in 1976, he is also known as The Big Boss, the main name of one of the graffiti on the terrace, and nicknamed by many as the King of Reggaeton, has won seven Latin Grammy Awards.

Daddy Yankee uses this Luquillo house, located in exclusive urbanization surrounded by lush vegetation, to get away from it all, disconnect and enjoy time with the family.

The remodeling carried out by his team and that of Airbnb has been complete with the objective, according to Rodríguez, of “taking it to another level”, although 10% of the singer’s personal belongings and memorabilia remain.

” The love for music and for Puerto Rico runs through my veins. By opening the doors of my house, I want to share the culture of my people, our pride and our flavor,” in the words of the singer and composer.


The mansion will be available on Airbnb for three individual reservations, of one night each and a maximum of two people, on December 13, 15, and 17, although the idea is to keep it for long-term rental.

On airbnb.com/daddyyankee, the option opens on December 2 to rent the house for $ 85 a night, a symbolic price in commemoration of his more than 85 songs that have entered the list of successes.

The stay also holds other surprises. Daddy Yankee has recorded a welcome video for guests and created a playlist of his favorite songs, said Airbnb spokesperson Jessica Pecoraro.

The King of Reggaeton has also prepared a guide with recommendations for places to visit in the surroundings, from paradisiacal beaches to the El Yunque tropical forest, and local restaurants and bars.

“It’s going to be a pretty interesting experience,” said the spokeswoman, who stated that Airbnb is “super excited” and that working with Daddy Yankee is “a dream come true” and the beginning of their collaboration with Latino artists.

Pecoraro said that “Airbnb is beginning to invest more and more in the Latino community” – the entire Daddy Yankee project team is Puerto Rican – and that he sees “an opportunity to work in a really authentic way” with her.

Its objective is to make known among the Latino community that Airbnb has among its homes with very special places and “to make a call to all those Latinos who have unique houses that there is a great opportunity with the growth in demand for this type of space”, according to the spokeswoman.

As part of its program to open special and iconic places, Airbnb has already rented such well-known houses as the Barbie doll in Malibu, the Winnie the Pooh, and the Carrie in the “Sex and the City” series.

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