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Don’t Worry Darling, despite Florence Pugh’s brave performance, isn’t a major Oscar contender.

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There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Olivia Wilde is more than capable of directing a film. The actress-turned-filmmaker creates a seductive and tense thriller with her most recent work behind the camera, titled “Don’t Worry Darling.”

It is a film that should resonate with viewers, and some of those moviegoers may show up to check out an ensemble cast that includes Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, and Chris Pine, all of whom are rather attractive. At the very least, it’s a movie that will keep a lot of people talking (there have already been a lot of headlines written about the movie before it’s even been released, some of which are even about the movie itself). As is the case with the vast majority of popcorn thrillers, the likelihood of the Academy selecting the film for consideration on their ballots is about as remote as the film’s attempt to make Harry Styles appear unattractive in a pivotal sequence. I appreciate the effort, but I just don’t buy it.

The final product is a veritable feast of high-octane thrillers, much to the 2014 film “Gone Girl,” which was nominated for a single award for the performance of its leading actress Rosamund Pike. Pugh, who was nominated for “Little Women” in the past, plays the showiest role as a suburban woman who starts to question her reality. Although there will be supporters for her, the inadequacies of the script will keep her on the outside looking in.

If the film receives any love from the Academy, it will probably be for the gorgeous clothes designed by Arianne Phillips and the sensual framing by cinematographer Matthew Libatique. However, even those appear to be difficult tasks for Warner Bros., the studio that was responsible for making the movie.

The group features several excellent performers as well as A-list celebrities. Pine, who plays a character with guru-like qualities, turns in the best performance of the supporting cast, while Styles demonstrates that he is capable of acting. Nevertheless, if Styles manages to find a way to get award recognition, it will most likely be for his quiet performance in Amazon Studios’s “My Policeman,” but this will depend on where he is placed in the category.

And Wilde doesn’t simply demonstrate that she has what it takes to be a filmmaker. She serves as a reminder to audiences that, when cast in the appropriate position, she is an excellent actress. Wilde, who plays a neighbor who likes to drink cocktails and keeps a few dark secrets to herself, has a couple of scenes that stand out. After being overlooked for her performance in “Meadowland,” it’s encouraging to see her back to the form that got her noticed in the first place.

The conclusion is that “Don’t Worry Darling” is no longer eligible for an Academy Award.

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