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Dua Lipa’s “Levitating” receives a second lawsuit for plagiarism


“Levitating” , one of Dua Lipa’s most successful songs, has once again been the subject of an official accusation of plagiarism , this time from the 1979 song “Wiggle And Giggle All Night” , the same one that the Spanish Miguel Bosé adapted in 1980 to create his famous “Don Diablo” .

As reported by Billboard, the lawsuit has been registered in a federal court in Manhattan and in it the composers L. Russell Brown and Sandy Linzer denounce that their original melody has been “duplicated” in the aforementioned song by the European artist.

This accusation comes just a week after a similar one launched by a reggae band from Florida, called Artikal Sound System, who in their complaint filed in Los Angeles courts allege that “Levitating” is too similar to their song “Live Your Life “ , which they published in 2017.

In the case of Linzer and Brown, they allege that Dua Lipa herself acknowledged in interviews that for the preparation of her latest album, “Future Nostalgia” (2020), which includes the controversial song, “she had been inspired by past times” to get a “retro” sound.

They believe that the plagiarism is evident in the “characteristic melody” with which “Levitating” starts , a section that is repeated several times and that, in their opinion, contributed to its becoming a success on the TikTok platform.

The song peaked at number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, where it became the longest-running song performed by a female singer in the top 10, and on Spotify alone it has been streamed more than 450 million times.

Linzer and Brown’s lawsuit also cites Warner Music record company and rapper DaBaby as defendants, who participated in the first version of the cut, before he made homophobic comments at a concert that led Dua Lipa to publicly and artistically dissociate herself. of him with a new recording.

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