Dwayne Johnson wishes Brendan Fraser success: ‘Rooting for you brother’

At the Venice Film Festival, the Mummy Returns costar was thrilled to see The Whale receive a standing ovation that lasted for many minutes.

Fans of Brendan Fraser all over the world were overjoyed to learn on Sunday that the actor’s performance in filmmaker Darren Aronofsky’s film The Whale earned him a lengthy standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival. Who are some of those satisfied admirers? Dwayne Johnson, made his debut in the film industry in the year 2001 with The Mummy Returns, starring Brendan Fraser.

Retweeting a video of Fraser being applauded by an audience in Venice, Johnson tweeted on Sunday, “Man this makes me so glad to watch this lovely ovation for Brendan.” The video showed Fraser surrounded by the applauding audience. “He encouraged me to take part in his Mummy Returns franchise for the first time, which was the beginning of my successful career in Hollywood. I will be cheering for all of your success, brother, and I want to offer my congratulations to my friend Darren Aronofsky.”
In the sequel released in 2001 to the film The Mummy, which was originally released in 1999, Fraser played the part of the explorer Rick O’Connell once again, while Johnson performed the character The Scorpion King.

When EW spoke with Fraser three years ago for an oral history of The Mummy, the actor recalled that he did not work with Johnson on the set of the film because Johnson’s character was computer-generated in the scenes which featured O’Connell. However, Fraser had very positive things to say about the Jumanji star.

“He was a big orange piece of tape on the end of a long two-by-four while I was working [on the film], and we jumped and ducked and weaved as he thrashed and smashed around at us,” said Fraser. “While I was working [on the film], we jumped and ducked and weaved as he thrashed and smashed around at us.” “When I saw him for the first time at the premiere, I greeted him and said, “Hi!” How do you do!’ I enjoyed our encounter very much, and during the coming years, I found myself in his company on a few separate occasions. Because this was his very first opportunity to perform in front of an audience, I couldn’t help but feel happy for him. He wasn’t just the standard-issue muscle man either. It was exciting to watch him make the move from the world of wrestling. It was pretty cool. When we were all just getting our feet under us, I’m glad that I got to know him back when we were in the early stages of our careers.”

Charlie is a man who suffers from severe obesity and is coping with the loss of a lover in the film The Whale. At the same time, he is attempting to reconcile with his estranged teenage daughter, who is portrayed by Stranger Things breakout Sadie Sink. Fraser plays the role of Charlie.

There is currently no release date set for The Whale in theatres.

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