Farrah Abraham is ‘dating again, with musician Mack Lovat.

Following the recent sighting of Abraham and Lovat kissing, she stated that she is “happily single” for the time being, adding, “No one meets my child until I want to produce a baby again one day – I’M FAR FROM THAT POINT.”
Farrah Abraham has a new man in her life.

On Monday, the Teen Mom actress posted an Instagram Story with a paparazzi photo of herself walking beside Mack Lovat. Abraham, 31, didn’t say anything about the relationship, but she did post a winking graphic over the shot.

PEOPLE received more intimate images of Abrahams and Lovat, including one of them kissing.

Abraham said she’s dating Lovat, the guitarist for the band Minus Gravity, who approached her via social media DMs two years ago — though she didn’t label it an official relationship — in an interview with TMZ.

On her Instagram Story on Tuesday, Abraham addressed her relationship status, writing, “For the record, I’m blissfully single, I’m dating again, and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.”

Sophia, she explained, is her daughter: “No one sees my child unless I want to have another baby someday. I’M A LONG WAY FROM THAT. They can, however, transport my belongings.”
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Abraham is dating Lovat for the first time since leaving a trauma treatment centre earlier this year.

Abrahams departed the rehab institution in April with a new outlook on life. “I’m not going to cry because I’m so glad and grateful, but the last time I did, I had a horrible case of the sniffles and was having a mid-life crisis. However, it does happen “After leaving the centre, she told TMZ.

In March, Abraham posted on TikTok about her decision to enter the rehab centre. She was one of nine women who had previously accused former Windsor, California Mayor Dominic Foppoli of sexual assault. According to a previously published redacted police report acquired by PEOPLE, the offence was “sexual battery,” and Abraham’s attorney Spencer Kuvin stated that she turned over tangible evidence to the cops. Foppoli has since resigned from his position as mayor.

Farrah Abraham is arrested after allegedly slapping a restaurant security guard.

In 2018, Abraham was in a relationship with Aden Stay. “I need to be careful who I date because many men are after my success. Between TV and film projects, I’m currently focused on work “At the time, she told PEOPLE.

Sophia was born to the Teen Mom OG alum in 2008. Derek Underwood, Sophia’s father, died in a vehicle accident just before she was born. In a December 2021 social media post, Abraham paid tribute to Underwood, calling him the “love of my life,” thirteen years after his death.

“I’m grateful I see ‘FATHER’ on your headstone today, 13 years later,” she captioned the photo. “I’m thankful for our family because it has taught me more about the human condition, mourning, trauma, loss, and sadness. Your life has made a huge difference in my life and the lives of so many others.”

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