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Hollywood Mourns the death of Betty White, a “National Treasure” of Laughter


Hollywood and the entertainment world in the United States came together on the last day of 2021 to say goodbye and pay tribute to Betty White, the legendary actress of “The Golden Girls” (1985-1992) who passed away this Friday at the age of 99.

“What an exceptional life. I am grateful for every second that I was able to spend with Betty White,” Ellen DeGeneres wrote on Twitter.

George Takei proposed that at midnight, just as we enter 2022, everyone raise their glass and toast in honor of Betty White, whom he defined as a “national treasure.”

“BETTY WHITE IS A TRUE ICON,” exclaimed Cher.

Reese Witherspoon also shared her sadness on social media.

“I loved seeing your characters, they brought so much joy. Thank you Betty for making us all laugh,” said the actress.

“The world seems different now. She was great at defying expectations,” said Ryan Reynolds.

For his part, Steve Martin detailed an anecdote about Betty White when he was still trying to make his way into show business.

“In 1974, I was an unknown opening act for Linda Ronstadt at The Troubadour in Los Angeles. As I walked through the lobby before the show, I saw Betty White and her husband Allen Ludden waiting in line,” she recalled.

“I loved Betty White so I went there and said, ‘I’m so honored to meet you both. Isn’t Linda fantastic?’ She told me: ‘We came to see you because we heard that you are funny.’ It left me euphoric, “he added.

Viola Davis assured that she believed that Betty White would live “forever” and defended that her mark in the entertainment world “will inspire generations.”

“Rest in glorious peace. You have earned your wings,” he stated.

“I loved his comedic wit and lovable charm. He was definitely a love for the planet and a gift to the entertainment world,” said William Shatner.

“God bless Betty White. As my mother would say, ‘We were very lucky to have her,'” Conan O’Brien said.

Like many others, Debra Messing recalled growing up watching Betty White on television.

“She was playful, loving, and intelligent. We all knew this day would come but that does not remove the feeling of loss. It was certainly a national treasure,” he wrote.

Finally, Ava DuVernay summed up an unbeatable legacy in numbers: “99 years here and millions of laughs behind. It’s pretty fantastic.”

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