Javier Bardem In “Being The Ricardos” On Amazon Prime

On December 10, “Being the Ricardos” was released in theaters, and Javier Bardem is the star along with Nicole Kidman.

Bardem began this journey excited to play the role of Desi Arnaz in this true story about the trajectory of Arnaz and his wife, the renowned Lucille Ball, who started the iconic series, “I Love Lucy”.

As one of the multitudes of films that had to alter their style by the pandemic, it was a challenge to shoot and create under restrictions.

However, they overcame the downside and released an important story the world had to see, authentic in all forms of the word, backed by the talents of Bardem and Kidman.

“Being the Ricardos” can be found and enjoyed on Amazon Prime starting December 21.

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