Jerónimo Cantillo, The Colombian Protagonist in the New Version of “Rebelde”

Today the new version of “REBELDE” was officially presented, the successful Mexican series launched in 2004, which managed to be a worldwide phenomenon. The actor, singer, and composer JERÓNIMO CANTILLO is the Colombian quota in this new bet.

“REBELDE” is the continuity of life at the Elite Way School, which will be made up of a completely renovated cast, where the actor will give life to DIXON, one of the protagonists. A sensitive young man, who arrives with the dream of being a rapper, his rebellion is born from the truth and always seeks to be authentic without fear of what they will say.

“He is a character that fills me too much, Dixon is a quite dignified human being and I am proud that he represents my country, from that very important value”, Jerónimo comments.

JERÓNIMO CANTILLO has stood out in Colombia as one of the most important acting revelations of recent times, starring in several of the relevant projects in his country: “LOS MORALES”, “ANÍBAL SENSACIÓN VELÁSQUEZ” and “VERDAD OCULTA”, highlighting his preparation, passion, professionalism and perseverance, project after project, making it clear that music and acting are a fundamental part of his life.

Currently, the artist returned to Colombia to participate in “PASIÓN DE GAVILANES 2”, the largest and most ambitious production carried out by CMO PRODUCCIONES for TELEMUNDO.

The REBELDE remake was released on JANUARY 5 and from its first hours, it was positioned among the most important trends in several countries.

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