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Kate del Castillo to Don Francisco: «I want to fall in love»

With desire and without kisses. This is the new reality of the Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, in love with “herself” and her work, despite how “sad” it is to adapt the performance to the times of covid-19.

This is what he told Don Francisco in the program “Don Francisco: Reflections 2021” in which he also spoke about his current projects, his “bad decisions” and the desire he has to “find a man.”

Don Francisco: You belong to a family of artists, so I would like to know what do you think you have from your mother and what do you think you have from your father, Eric del Castillo (a famous Mexican actor).

Kate del Castillo: Well, my mom is not an artist, but my mom is our favorite artist because she is the artist of the house. It’s the truth. From my father, I have the creativity and I have that dreamy part that almost all actors have. And my mom puts my feet on the ground. That is incredible. My mother is a very focused woman, very straight and who has things very clear and sometimes I think that even my father also makes things clear for both of us when we don’t have them. So I put a little heart to everything.

“I have a vulnerable part that people do not know”

DF: Right. And do you recognize this that they tell you that you are just like a little difficult?

Kate del Castillo: No, I think I’m not difficult. No, they say that I am very tough and brave and that I have a lot of pants, but I do. But I also have a very vulnerable part that people do not know and that I just see the characters sometimes that I do on television, although I have made characters that are vulnerable too. But then people are left with some ideas.

DF: And tell me one thing. How, how would you define yourself?

Kate del Castillo: Wow, that’s very difficult Don Mario. But I think so, I definitely think I am a dreamy woman. I am an enterprising woman. I am a woman who has a strong discipline. Thanks to my father, because I saw that in the house. He did not tell me or want to instill it in me. I just saw it through the years and I think I am a very good friend. I am clear that I have thousands of defects, but within all I consider myself a good woman, a hardworking woman and with many dreams.

DF: Well, and your dad has always said that everything you have achieved you have achieved for yourself, that he has not helped you at all. And that you are an entrepreneur because you have a tequila, what is your tequila called?

Kate del Castillo: Honor del Castillo.

DF: That! Honor of the Castle. You are doing some productions with a producer who is an ex of Netflix, you do your own productions, you are working at the moment for Telemundo. I mean, you do a lot of things at the same time.

Kate del Castillo: Yes, I try to be able to do it. At this time, I am not satisfied with the things that are offered to me only. I also like to produce. I also like to create my own characters and especially also with the tequila. I wanted to do something else. All my life I have lived from acting since I can remember by my father. And now I wanted to start as a businesswoman, worth the redundancy and have a tequila because I love tequila because it is Mexican and because obviously I am Mexican and it seems to me another different bouquet also very beautiful.

Eric Del Castillo celebrates that his daughter Kate Del Castillo has achieved everything alone 0:37

DF: You started out very young. Did you always like it? Did you want to do the same as your dad?

Kate del Castillo: Without a doubt, I saw him all the time and accompanied him to his productions, accompanied him to his filming and I will never forget once I accompanied him to a play called “Salomé” and that there he gave me something inside. I felt like I wanted to be on that side of the stage. When I looked out I was very young doing mischief with my sister Verónica and I peeked through the curtain and I remember seeing that immense beautiful theater, full of people and I felt something inside and that emotion of being on that side of the stage.

“I have made bad decisions”

DF: I remember you started in 1991 with “Muchachitas”. She was very, very young.

Kate del Castillo: Yes, “Girls”. Rather, there was the first soap opera production that I did. But I had already done many things before: I had made films, I had made series there on Televisa and films on other parts of Mexican cinema, which at that time were not very good. I worked with Mario Almada, with Valentín Trujillo, before starting on “Muchachitas”. “Muchachitas” was the first soap opera I did, which was a huge success and, let’s say, it made me known.

DF: Why do you think that in love you have had more difficulties when you come from a fairly stable home? Because your parents are married for over 50 years!

Kate del Castillo: I know. Well, I do not know. I’m not doing something right. Don Mario, I believe that you cannot have everything in life. No, of course you can have everything in life. I have simply made bad decisions and well, well, that’s the way it is.

“I want to fall in love”

DF: Well, regarding your first marriage, there it seems that you suffered a little. That’s how you declared it on that Estefan show. Regarding Aarón Díaz, you have always spoken very well and I imagine that a young girl, with so many opportunities and with so much work, will always have her heart set somewhere. Right now, are you in love?

Kate del Castillo: No. I’m in love with myself. I am in love with my job. I am in love with my family, my father, my mother, my brother and my nephew. But no, I have many years since I am alone and I have had a great time. But I also want to fall in love. I want to find a man, to fall in love, right? I think I’ve had enough time to be alone, to understand who I am and what I want. And I’ve had a great time. But now I want to share. I want to fall in love.

DF: How do you project yourself towards the age of your father? What would you like to see happen in the following decades with you?

Kate del Castillo: Well, first, I hope he sees me as well as my father looks at his age, really, and continue to have a career. I don’t want to stop working because the moment I stop working, I think I’m going to feel like I’m no longer good for anything and I love working, I like it. I greatly love, love and respect what I do. So I see myself working. The beauty of being an actress is that you will always have characters, because there are characters for women my age, for younger women, and for older women. So I hope they keep talking to me to keep working. I hope to be with a partner and to be happily doing what I like the most.

The love of a couple, an earring for Kate del Castillo 1:07

Project in Peacock

DF: What is the character that has satisfied you the most?

Kate del Castillo:Oops, I have many. In soap operas, for me “Ramona” was a great soap opera because it was out of the normal standard and it was vintage and it was with, may he rest in peace, Eduardo Palomo, and a divine story written by Helen Hunt Jackson … it belongs to the Mexican caciques, with the Indians and the Americans from when they took away our land beauty. So it’s a beautiful story and I loved that one. “La mentira” was another soap opera that was a milestone and that was incredible. It was the first telenovela in which a woman revealed herself to a man and played you for you with him, right? Those two were wonderful. And then, of course, “The Queen of the South.” La Reina I don’t consider it so much a soap opera for several reasons. It’s more like a series based on the novel that has been a best seller for decades by author Arturo Pérez-Reverte,

DF: I know that you are now working for a new platform called Peacock.

Kate del Castillo: That’s right. I’m working for Peacock right now, we are doing a series that we announced just yesterday everywhere called “Woman Guns”. It is the first series that Peacock is going to release in Spanish and it is a “dramedy”, which they call him now. A dark comedy, we can tell. It is something completely different, a genre that I had never entered. I’ve done comedy, but not this kind of comedy and I think it’s very interesting. I am very happy working with amazing actors. And before yes, I was in Utah making an American film with my production company and with other partners. A covid-friendly movie , as we say, because we are just two characters and with a crewvery reduced, in the snow, with a cold that does not know. It was tremendous working in the snow, but I am very happy.


Kissing in movies in times of covid-19

DF: How is it done in a construction site in the middle of the pandemic? How is covid-friendly?

Kate del Castillo:Well, it’s very sad. We are really going through terrible times, especially for production companies, because first it costs a lot of money, because they have to test us one day, and one day not. And then, like a week, which is the PCR, they do it to us once a week, apart from the other three a week. The actors have to have masks, because we cannot use the masks because they remove our makeup and it can be a disaster. So they put plastic veneers on us and say action and you take it off that cut and you have to put it back on. And that’s how it is, all the people around us, the whole crew, the people who do our makeup, who comb our hair, are always wearing the mask and each one, not just the actors, all of us who work there. , they do tests one day yes and one day no.

DF: And what about the kisses? Because those novels have kisses and hugs …

Kate del Castillo: Sure, when you have a kiss they have to do tests every day. So that? To be sure. But then they are people you work with, who you know are fine, who take care of themselves. We are the actors who obviously do not go anywhere. I go from set to my apartment and from apartment to set and do absolutely nothing else. If I go, if I go out, I go to the house of a friend because I am very scared. I can’t get sick right now.

DF: What do you think of everything that is happening? What do you think of this pandemic?

Kate del Castillo:Well look, there are times when I say I want to go back to the same normality as before. I don’t care about the new one, I want the same one from before, from everything we miss. But I also think they have been very great moments of reflection for everyone. We have reflected, we have been alone, we have been wanting to touch people, because it seems to me that it is like a terrible punishment not being able to touch someone. Do not? The human touch or with another person, the hug. Especially us Latinos, who are so loving, lovable. This is very tremendous. And also the realization of how toxic we have been to the planet. We had to lock ourselves in so that they would come out and green the fields and the animals would come out again. So it was, for me personally, I had already been in quarantine a long time before because I spend it alone in my house and I am very happy.

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