Lady Gaga wraps up Biden’s big day

The New Yorker gets excited singing the anthem in a ceremony that was joined by faces known as Jennifer López, Bruce Springsteen or Tom Hanks

His gesture after singing the US anthem said it all. Lady Gaga, accustomed to great events, triumphs and successes in different forums, seemed to shrink – measure 1.55 – after descending the steps and going to take a seat. Earlier, during her performance, she was seen huge, wrapped in a red skirt bearing Schiaparelli’s signature. A design made exclusively for Joe Biden’s investiture ceremony – the most eccentric dress, of course, of all – in which a large brooch, in the shape of a golden bird, stood out, symbolizing peace, unity. His timid smile, as if seeking the approval of the select group of guests who met yesterday at the Capitol, left no room for doubt: he had starred in the performance of his life.

And that Lady Gaga, touched with a braid made with black ribbons, had competition. Because the entertainment world has embraced, and in what way, Joe Biden in his debut as the 46th president of the United States. Artists’ penchant for the Democratic Party is well known. And this time it has been shown with all its intensity. Starting with Lady Gaga herself, because we must not forget that the singer already campaigned with Biden before the elections. Hi, I’m Lady Gaga. I will vote for America, which means I will vote for Joe Biden, “he advanced at the time. After finishing the ceremony, she was seen chatting amicably with Barack Obama for several minutes.

Having a famous voice interpret the hymn is a tradition. With Barack Obama did Aretha Franklin and Beyoncé. With Donald Trump, the manager was Jackie Evancho, who became famous in the television contest America’s Got Talent.

Freedom and justice

Another convinced Democrat was also present at the inauguration. The singer and actress Jennifer López, in immaculate white, interrupted her interpretation of the traditional ‘This Land is Your Land’ to, in Spanish, demand “freedom and justice for all”. At the end, he went first to congratulate the brand new First Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, dressed in a two-piece purple, a symbol of feminism. However, as a curious fact, his coat was buttoned on the right side, like those of men. Hillary Clinton also chose this purple tone, in her case with a pantsuit. And spectacular, in burgundy, also in pants, Michelle Obama. It was striking that all the ladies opted for one-color outfits, starting with the ‘first’, Jill Biden, who opted for turquoise blue, a matching dress and coat from the New York firm Markarian.

The third performance of the inauguration ceremony was given by country music singer Garth Brooks. Interestingly, he has already been invited to the inauguration of Donald Trump. Four years ago he turned it down. This time he said yes. A huge yes.

The show continued into the early morning in Spain. And the protagonists were not less known than hours before. It was a special gala presented by actors Tom Hanks and Eva Longoria. During 90 minutes the performances of Foo Fighters, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Justin Timberlke, John Legend, Demi Lovato, Ant Clemons followed.

Altogether, a demonstration of the muscle that Democrats have when it comes to attracting the support of actors and artists, something the Republican Party has never been able to boast about.

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