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Lionsgate Movie “Moonfall” With Michael Peña To Come Out In The New Year

Lionsgate Movie “Moonfall”

The cover for the Lionsgate movie, “Moonfall,” is due out on February 6 of the new year.

Lionsgate will release its next science fiction film, “Moonfall,” on February 4, highlighting Latino actor Michael Pena in its cast.

Also, starring stars Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson, Moonfall will keep its audience on the edge of their seat. With the Moon destined to destroy Earth after a force pulled it out of its orbit, the story follows a group of heroes who set off into space to discover how to save the world.

Peña will play the role of Tom López, the new husband of the main character’s ex-wife and a successful car salesman.

Plus, Peña isn’t stopping as he will soon be seen in the live-action and animated hybrid film Tom & Jerry on HBO Max on February 26.

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