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Omy De Oro Launches Remix Of Song “Mood” With Nio García And Jay Wheeler

Puerto Rican urban artist Omy De Oro released his new single, “Mood Remix” this Friday, along with his colleagues and compatriots Nio García and Jay Wheeler, two of the most deeply-rooted urban performers.

“Mood Remix” chronicles the attraction for a girl and is a theme that is colored in love lyrics, as detailed in a press release.

The “remix” (remix), which mixes the rhythms of R&B and sensual trap, begins with the voice of Jay Wheeler, who sings over the slow and seductive melodies embedded in the song while Omy De Oro and Nio García contribute with their voices.

García and Wheeler were two of the most prominent Latino artists of 2021 thanks to their worldwide hits “AM” and “La Curiosidad.”

“Mood Remix” comes to support the success of the original version, which was trending # 11 on YouTube on the day of its release and has since become a fan favorite.

The original version exceeds 14 million views on digital platforms combined and has flooded TikTok with more than 38.8 million views with the hashtag #omydeoromood.

Amy De Oro, for his part, has created a movement within the trap genre due to his successful lyrical rawness and for being recognized as “The king of the punchline”.

For this reason, he has achieved great collaborations with Bad Bunny, Natanael Cano, Arcángel, Myke Towers, John, among others.

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