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Series That Exposes The History Of Reggaeton Expands To Application In Latin America

series that exposes the history

The series “Underground: The History of Reggaetón”, which portrays the history of the urban music phenomenon, will be broadcast to Latin America this Saturday on the VivaLiveTV application.

“Underground: La Historia del Reggaetón,” tells the story of how DJ Negro, Vico C, DJ Playero, DJ Eric, and the pioneering singers of the urban genre, among them, Daddy Yankee, created this musical phenomenon that dominates the taste of the Latin public, as detailed in a press release.

Each episode includes documentary-like capsules that intertwine with the next, where the founders of reggaeton relate what they lived through at this time when music did not have the support of the media or multinational labels.

The new eight-episode version, which can be watched for free, will also be enjoyed in the United States and Puerto Rico by VivaLiveTV.

DJ Negro, who received an approach from the director and producer of the series, David Impelluso, explained in a press release that the purpose of this project is so that young people who are getting to know this sound know the stumbling blocks they went through to reach the top of the music.

“This is so that the youth who were born with the tray in their hands, who were born with reggaeton on the radio and Facebook, see what we went through when the police entered the stores, confiscated our music, and gave us fines for listening to reggaeton in cars, “he said.

He also proposed that these young people see what the pioneers went through “on that very hard road.” “That they already have a highway, but the road that we crossed was muddy,” he said.

The cast of the series is headed by Shalim Ortiz, Natalia Lugo, Virginia Romero, Carlos Calderón, Nathanael Morales, Ricky Josué, Jerry Segarra, Mariana Quiles, Cecilia Argüelles and Carlos Esteban Fonseca.

Impelluso was supported in the production along with Virginia Romero, Roberto Sueiro, and Viviana Torres.

The original songs are by Jounsse and El Fara, the incidental music is by Lenny 357 and DJ Klassik, and you will also be able to listen to many of the greatest hits of “La Vieja Escuela”.

The series can be seen on the VivaLiveTV platform, just by downloading the application on cell phones. In addition, it is available on Roku, Apple TV, LG TV, and on its website

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