Singer-songwriter Gaby Moreno prepares a musical project for children

The Guatemalan singer-songwriter Gaby Moreno, ambassador of the United Nations Children’s Fund, unveiled on Monday a new musical project dedicated to children that will be published in full in 2022.

Moreno, a winner of a Latin Grammy in 2013, assured at a press conference that the new project causes her “excitement” and “with the help of Unicef, I hope it can reach many children in the country to contribute to their development and well-being. “.

The Guatemalan singer-songwriter, who is about to turn 40, emphasized during the conference that the project includes a series of songs that “carry positive and educational messages to children.”

According to a statement from Unicef ​​in Guatemala, the first single from the new musical project will be released on November 20, in the “framework of World Children’s Day.”

Meanwhile, the complete album of the also guitarist will be available to the public from next year.

This Monday’s press conference was attended by the representative of UNICEF in Guatemala, Carlos Carrera, who positively valued Moreno’s project because “music has stimulating effects” on childhood and “ignites all areas of child development.”

The new album to be presented by Moreno will feature the participation of the 8-year-old boy Pedro Tubac, on the violin, and Yahaira Tubac, 12, on the piano.

Moreno was appointed on February 28, 2020, as a Goodwill Ambassador by UNICEF Guatemala, the first person with such an appointment designated by the country.

Guatemala did not have UNICEF ambassadors at any of its three levels (national, regional, and global), according to the same entity.

Moreno was nominated in 2017 for a Grammy in the category of Best Pop Album for his album Illusion.

The Central American nation has one of the worst indices in the continent in terms of poverty and child malnutrition, according to international organizations. In addition, one out of every two children in Guatemala suffers from a lack of food, based on official data.

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