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Televisa and Univisión will Use Controversial book by Vicente Fernández for bioseries

Televisa and Univisión will use controversial book by Vicente Fernández for bioseries

A month after the death of Vicente Fernández, Televisa and Univisión announced that they are preparing the series of the so-called “Charro de Huentitán”, based on the controversial book by the Argentine writer Olga Wornat, “The Last King”.

“The making of this series about Don Vicente Fernández is a privilege and, at the same time, an enormous challenge because he is one of the most emblematic performers and idol of Mexican vernacular music, who with his talent, crossed borders and won the worldwide recognition”, explains a bulletin issued by Televisa.

The company reached an agreement with Editorial Planeta Mexicana to acquire the rights to the unauthorized biography of the singer -written by Wornat- that was released days before Fernández’s death on December 12.

Due to the family revelations that the journalist addresses in the work, such as the experiences of Vicente Fernández Junior during his kidnapping in 1998, the possible links of his second son, Gerardo, with drug trafficking, and the enmity between the brothers, among other revelations, the story was not well received by the Fernández dynasty.

That is why it is still unknown if the project undertaken by Televisa has the authorization of the family, one of the most influential in the world of Mexican entertainment.

The bulletin issued this Thursday details that the producer, the protagonist, and the other cast of the project will soon be announced, but days before the news, a magazine unofficially assured that the singer and actor Pablo Montero will be the one to play Fernández and that producer Juan Osorio will lead the project.

Montero maintained a very close relationship with the singer and sometimes even declared that he saw him as a father and that his musical influence was fundamental in his career.

The series promoted by Televisa and Univisión will be the second production dedicated to the history of “Charro de Huentitán”.

In September 2021 it was announced that Jaime Camil will also play the idol in the version of Caracol Televisión and Netflix, after an agreement reached with the Fernández family.

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