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The queen of salsa returns with the song “Celia Cruz: La Bandera que Canta”

The queen of salsa

The song “Celia Cruz: La Bandera Que Canta” embodies a new sound project called Talking Music, presented this Friday by Celia Cruz Entertainment, the entity responsible for protecting the intellectual property of the universally known as “Reina de the Sauce “.

The song mixes the spoken voice of “the immortal Cuban artist” with the music of the renowned Cuban singer-songwriter Pavel Urkiza, Celia Cruz Entertainment detailed in a statement.

The theme means “an innovative fusion of word and rhythm”, as described by the entity itself.

The first piece, he adds, is a “tribute to Celia Cruz, the most popular and beloved Latin figure of all time, a star who seems to have acquired a greater radiance in the 18 years after her death.”

As a whole, the work, with archival audiovisual pieces belonging to several decades, gathers the essence of the so-called “Guarachera de Cuba” through its opinions, gestures, and “spontaneous forms of expression carried to the edge of its musicality”.

The cover of the new project shows the singer dressed in white and with a striking headdress as she looks into the distance. The colors of the title are those of the Cuban flag: white, blue, and red.

“It fills me with great pride to have been the intellectual co-author of this great project, where Celia, once again, becomes a figure that goes beyond her time by being the center of this new musical phenomenon that we call Speaking Music”, said Omer Pardillo-Cid, who was the artist’s representative.

The mixing and mastering of the song were carried out at the Cezanne studios, in Madrid, under the supervision of Javier Monteverde.

Likewise, the realization of the video that accompanies the project was in charge of Meraki Films, under the direction of Gerhard Rodríguez, while the animation and design were in charge of Mentevision,

The song will be distributed by THE Group / BQuate, the statement added.

“My heart is in Cuba, I am Cuban (…) I feel very sad that I cannot go to my homeland. I would love to be able to do it one day. However, I am happy to be able to represent my land,” says the artist from the colloquial way in the song, “a historical-sound document made to go beyond the limits of time and memory”.

Pardillo-Cid added that “Celia’s legacy is more relevant today than ever, and her voice continues to be the voice of a people, of her people, of her Cuba, and it will continue to be, today, tomorrow and forever.

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