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The Witcher: Henry Cavill confirms his injury made on the set of season 2!

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The 37-year-old British actor has confirmed the rumor that he injured himself on the set of season 2 of The Witcher. To find out more, it’s happening here!

Henry Cavill has confirmed that he suffered a hamstring injury while filming season two of The Witcher. The latter took to Instagram on Thursday, to inform fans about his state of health. The interpreter of Geralt de Riv, explained that he had injured his hamstrings. For the past several months, Henry has been busy filming episodes of season 2 of The Witcher, and it was reported in December, by the English site The Sun, that he had injured his leg during a scene. While shooting an action scene at a height of almost 20m above the ground.

Sharing a selfie where he wears a blue camouflage-print mask after jogging, Henry Cavill said the sport was a “major step” in his recovery. He explained to the fans: “We are in quarantine here in the UK. So I take advantage of my daily outdoor exercise to do my first jog since my hamstring injury! (More information on this another time). It wasn’t quick. And it was certainly a lot. But it was a major step in my recovery, and my first step in getting back into the mix. After a Christmas that perhaps required more than a few cups of mulled wine, and an exceptionally fat turkey ” .

The filming impacted by the injury of Henry Cavill

Although Henry ”  did not need an ambulance,  ” the shooting was delayed, and thus impacted because the actor ”  could not walk properly  ” and was told to rest. In any case, Henry Cavill does not lose his strength and seems eager to find the studios. Season 1 of The Witcher was a success, and Season 2 is highly anticipated. The Witcher follows the journey of his eponymous character Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter, who roams the continent.

Filming for the Netflix fantasy drama had already been suspended for the first time due to the global pandemic. Subsequently, Stephen Surjik, who directed two episodes of the first season, told fans that filming of the series was resumed. But again, another stop due to the injury of Henry Cavill. In any case, we are impatient to discover season 2 which promises to be more intense than the 1st!

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