Yucatán Pays Musical Tribute To Manzanero One Year After His Death

The most emblematic songs of the Mexican author, performer, arranger, actor, and producer Armando Manzanero again flourished in his native Yucatán, where the Ministry of Culture and the Arts and various artists paid him a warm and poetic tribute on his first death anniversary.

From the first minute, a great shower of applause was heard, abundant like his 70-year career, like those awards he received around the world, like the lyrics that fell in love with generations from different times and that today they sang at the top of their lungs: ” As I loved you, you will never be able to imagine it. “

The Palacio de la Música, which since its opening in 2018 has kept a special room with the legacy of the maestro Manzanero, opened its doors to the concert, witnessed by his widow Laura Elena Villa, his children María Elena and Juan Diego Manzanero, and several grandchildren of the author. from “This afternoon I saw it rain” and “I adore.”

“For the interpreters, Armando Manzanero means a lot for his work that went around the world and because he was generous with the people and artists that crossed his life,” said Maricarmen Pérez Domínguez, composer, and performer known as the ambassador of the Yucatecan song in Latin America.

Maricarmen perez
Maricarmen Pérez participates in a tribute to the Mexican singer-songwriter Armando Manzanero.

Before her participation with the songs “I am crying”, “I remember you” and “How I loved you”, the singer said that the tribute is added to others that are organized in the world, “but as Manzanero is ours, this concert is very special. “

Pérez Domínguez’s words were prophetic, since the tenor Eduardo Vázquez, the arranger Alfredo Bolio, the pianist Mario Esquivel and the composer Luis Pérez Sabido will star in a night where the oil portrait of the most important romantic composer of the 20th century was also unveiled. donated to the Palacio de la Música by maestro Ermilo Torre Gamboa.

Each one put their art so that this December 28th themes such as “Amanecer”, “I don’t know you”, “Things like you”, “I learned with you”, “We are boyfriends”, “This afternoon I saw it rain”, ” With you, I learned “,” It seems like yesterday “,” I know you will come back “,” I am crying “,” I remember you “,” How I loved you “,” I miss you “,” No “and” Lord Love “.

Several of these songs, some composed more than 50 years ago and recorded by music greats, such as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Perry Como, are still valid thanks to the recordings of contemporary artists such as Luis Miguel, Alejandro Sanz, Carlos Rivera, and others.

In the end, the protagonists of the recital came together to perform one of the most famous songs in the composer’s career, which was performed in more than five languages: “I adore.”

Also participating were guitarist Daniel Parra, bassist Eduardo Parra, drummer Manuel Canul, percussionist Miguel Mañaná, saxophonist Osmani Collado and flutist Pepe Ballote, as well as conductor Edgar Fernando Cruz, one of Manzanero’s radio producers.

The mayor of Mérida, Renán Barrera, expressed his widest gratitude “for all that beautiful musical world that Manzanero left us and that takes us on a permanent journey of lyrics and melodies that remain in our hearts

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