The CDC has a number of concerns. strange instructions for having sex with monkeypox

According to health officials, Americans who believe they may have been exposed to monkeypox should take precautions such as masturbating 6 feet apart from their partner to prevent the infection from spreading.

Earlier this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a list of safe activities for sexually active patients. Avoiding kissing and “having sex with your clothing on or covering regions where rash or sores are present” are among the suggestions.

Patients and potential patients should also “wash your hands, fetish gear, sex toys, and any fabrics” after sex and “masturbate together at a distance of at least 6 feet, without touching each other and without touching any rash or sores.”

The strange counsel was inspired by New York City’s weird recommendation that sexually active people use “glory holes” to limit the transmission of COVID-19 during the coronavirus outbreak.

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After the virus was discovered in a patient’s sperm, the World Health Organization is looking into whether monkeypox may be spread sexually.

The World Health Organization is investigating whether monkeypox may be transmitted sexually after the virus was discovered in one patient’s sperm.
According to health officials, the great majority of monkeypox cases in England were linked to sexually active gay men.

Officials reported 19 confirmed instances of the potentially deadly illness in New York City on Thursday.

Before developing a rash on their face and body, patients undergo a flu-like illness and lymph node enlargement.

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