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Eric Adams plans to end mask mandate for children under 5

Eric Adams plans to end mask mandate for children under 5

Mayor Eric Adams announced that if the numbers continue to show a low level of risk, the wearing of masks will be made optional for students ages two to four in schools and daycare centers beginning April 4.

Eric Adams assured that every day he communicates with the new Commissioner of Health, Dr. Ashwin Vasan, about the steps that must be taken based on science, being the main guide to get out of the pandemic. Officials from the Department of Education join in that same call.

To reach this decision, the mayor stressed that they have followed the data very closely and are “winning the battle against COVID-19”, because New York City is currently in a low-risk environment, according to the system. city’s color-coded alert system tracking COVID-19 transmission and health care capacity.

“Every day, we review the data, and if we continue to see low levels of risk, on Monday, April 4, we will make masks optional for children ages 2-4 in schools and daycare,” said Mayor Adams during a conference call. press at City Hall.

The most recent data from the CDC  indicates that the average in New York City during the last 7 days exceeds 1,000 infections for the first time since February.

Two weeks ago the mayor announced that the mandate for the use of masks indoors in the city’s public schools for K-12 students was officially eliminated, since then, the percentage of positivity has remained low, which represents according to the authorities, a great sign that “we are moving at the right pace”.

This decision by the mayor is part of the push that he has been developing to gradually work on the total reopening of the city. However, he assures them that they have to do it right and not allow the city to close again.

“We must do this right for the health of our children, and I refuse to jeopardize their safety by rushing a decision,” said Mayor Adams. “Our schools have been among the safest places for our children since the start of the pandemic, and we will only remove this requirement if the science says it is safe to do so,” he added.

Eric Adams sent a message to parents or guardians that they can trust their administration to continue making the right public health decisions to keep children safe.

In order for children to continue to protect themselves, the authorities announced that they will continue to make masks available to any child or school staff member who wishes to continue using them.”

Dr. Ashwin Vasan said that in the next two weeks they will continue to watch the numbers closely as they have throughout the pandemic.

He explained that if risk levels rise, either before or after the mandate is lifted, that may mean another decision. “However, at this time, we are comfortable saying that if the level of risk remains, masks may become optional,” Commissioner Vasan said.

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