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Arizona vote review confirms Biden win, Trump defeat

Arizona vote review

An unofficial scrutiny in Arizona of the votes in the 2020 presidential election confirmed the victory of Joe Biden and the defeat of Donald Trump, according to Maricopa County authorities this morning.

The review of the votes in Maricopa County, which includes the cities of Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Mesa, had been promoted by supporters of former President Trump, who claimed that the Republican had won that county.

This morning the Maricopa County authorities indicated in a message on Twitter that the vote count “was correct and the candidates certified as winners, in fact, won.”

According to the newspaper The New York Times, the draft of the report prepared by the company Cyber ​​Ninjas, which conducted the private scrutiny, explains that in fact Biden obtained 99 more votes in Maricopa than those counted in November, and Trump received 261 votes less than the assigned then.

The new tally, funded largely by $ 5.7 million from right-wing groups and Trump supporters, was intended to show that the former president won, but the Cyber ​​Ninjas report notes that “there were no substantial differences” from official scrutiny.

Arizona’s 11 Electoral College votes were crucial to Biden’s victory in the November election and largely reflected the demographic changes of recent years in that state where Republicans have dominated for more than half a century.

Moments before the results of the report were known, Trump issued a statement encouraging expectations about the result of the scrutiny carried out by what he described as “highly respected” auditors.

This morning, Trump issued another statement according to which the “lying media, again gives the victory to Biden” and added that the audit “uncovered significant and undeniable evidence of FRAUD!”.

Among his repeated allegations of fraud, Trump has pointed to alleged irregularities in the poll in Maricopa County, the largest in Arizona where Biden got about 45,000 more votes than Trump in the November election.

In Arizona, Latinos represent 23% of the electorate and, according to an American Election Eve Poll poll, 71% of Hispanic voters supported Biden.

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