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Biden Administration Ends Detention of Undocumented Families

Biden Administration Ends Detention of Undocumented Families

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on Thursday celebrated the release of some immigrant families who were in custody in Texas after it was revealed that the government will end the detention of undocumented families and will instead resort to electronic shackles and other technologies. tracking.

“We are pleased that the government has released parents and children from the South Texas Family Residential Center said Naureen Shah, an attorney for the ACLU, who called on the government of President Joe Biden to end the “mass incarceration system “of undocumented.

“The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) should never have detained families and children,” Shah said.

But it was said, “deeply concerned by reports that the Biden administration ignored the recommendations of its own experts that ICE stops detaining people at the Winn Correctional Center due to a long list of abuses documented there.”

Winn is one of 39 detention centers located in different parts of the country that we’re on a list provided by the ACLU to the Biden government in April after its investigations into abuses there.

For its part, the news outlet Axios affirmed that the federal government will stop detaining families of undocumented immigrants in ICE centers, and will instead resort to tracking anklets and other alternatives.

According to the “internal data” of the Government obtained by the media, there are no longer migrant families in ICE centers throughout the country.

More than a hundred people were released from the South Texas Family Residential Center in the town of Dilley between Thursday and Friday of last week. As of now, this facility, the last in the country to house families, will be designed to house single adults.

“ICE has chosen to change the use of the building in Dilley to focus on single adults,” an ICE spokesperson told Axios. “This is consistent with the government’s goals of addressing irregular immigration with a border management system that is orderly, safe, and humane.”

According to Axios, there are almost 150,000 undocumented immigrants under alternatives to detention such as electronic bracelets and shackles or mobile phones that can be tracked so that the migrants are provisionally released until the date of their immigration court hearings.

“The government has managed to more quickly enroll families in these types of programs soon after they cross the border, which has reduced the need for longer-term accommodation,” Axios said.

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