Biden believes that the invasion of Ukraine can take place in “days”

President Joe Biden considered this Thursday that the threat of an invasion of Ukraine by Russia is “very high” and pointed to the possibility of it occurring in “a few days.”

Speaking to the press at the White House before leaving for the state of Ohio, Biden added in any case that  a solution through diplomatic channels is still possible. “

The president pointed out that Russia “has not moved its troops out, it is moving them in” and stressed that the United States has reason to believe that the Russians are involved in a “false flag” operation (to find a pretext to enter into Ukrainian territory).

“Every indication that we have shows that they are preparing to go into Ukraine, to attack Ukraine,” he added of Russia.

Asked if he thinks Russia will go ahead with the invasion, Biden responded. “Yes, I do. Not now, in a few days,” she added.

However, he also answered “yes” to the question of whether a diplomatic channel is still possible and pointed out that for this reason, he has sent the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, to the UN Security Council meeting, so that he exposes that option.

Biden also pointed out that he is still waiting for a response from Russian President Vladimir Putin to the letter he sent him, in addition to stressing that he has no intention of calling him.

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