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Biden takes responsibility for mistreatment of migrants and promises consequences

Biden takes responsibility

President Joe Biden assumes responsibility for mistreatment of migrants on the border with Mexico and promised that there will be “consequences” for those who committed them.

In statements to reporters after a speech on the process of vaccination COVID-19, Biden acknowledged that it was “horrible” to see images of Border Patrol agents chasing migrants from their horses or attacking them with straps.

“There will be consequences,” promised the US president, who acknowledged that what happened is a “shame”, but it is also “dangerous and wrong . 

“It’s just not who we are,” said the Democratic president, for whom these images send a “wrong” message to the world and the country.

With these words, Biden commented for the first time on the controversial images that have been seen this week of border police chasing and even threatening migrants with whips or belts on the border with Mexico.

Thousands of migrants, mostly Haitians , have crossed the border in the Del Rio area and camped under a bridge in recent weeks.

The United States Government has already deported, according to data from the Haitian administration, 1,324 migrants.

The US special envoy in Haiti, Daniel Foote, presented his resignation yesterday in protest at the “inhumane” treatment of migrants at the border and the deportation policy.

The Biden government criticized Foote and denied that to date he had expressed concern about the migrants, and the “number two” of the State Department, Wendy Sherman, went further and assured that Foote had even proposed the deployment of US troops. at Haiti.

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