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Governor Hochul signs 4 laws that will protect workers

Governor Hochul

After dozens of demonstrations, calls, and demands through the streets of the state and New York City by the working class, Governor Kathy Hochul, honored her day by signing 4 pieces of legislation that will provide greater safety in her workplace and more money. in the pockets.

From his native Buffalo, where he signed the legislative package together with several workers in the city, he said that the laws will make a difference for workers, especially when the underprivileged in the state suffered the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The governor found that September 6, 2021, was the right day to highlight the work of hospital workers, cleaning people, those who drove buses, workers in the grocery store, people who work in pharmacies, all of them, whom Hochul described as having done “something extraordinary”.

“These bills will ensure that workers receive fair wages, good benefits, and are kept safe in their workplaces. Our state harbors a long and proud legacy of supporting working New Yorkers, and we are working to reinforce that for the future, ”said Governor Hochul.

Legislation signed by Governor Hochul

Keeping workers safe

This legislation (S.4682-B / A.485-B) requires the installation of cameras on the roads and the implementation of speed violation monitoring systems to keep workers safe in their work zones. It is related to liability notices and the adjudication of certain traffic offenses that involve the use of photo monitoring devices.

The bill was promoted by Senator Tim Kennedy and Assemblyman William Magnarelli, both of whom applauded the Governor’s signature because it strengthens protections at work and demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of the workforce.

Liability of contractors for wages paid to their subcontractors

This legislation (A.3350-A / S.2766-C) is responsible for addressing the issue of wage theft in the construction industry. This measure closes some loopholes that allowed subcontractors to take advantage of workers and not owe the corresponding salary.

This bill applies prospectively to contracts entered into 120 days after the bill becomes law.

It also allows contractors to demand payroll information from subcontractors and withhold payment if the information is not provided.

Senator Jessica Ramos and Assemblywoman Latoya Joyner were the sponsors of the legislation, both hope to continue working on a “fair and inclusive recovery” and that the worker will be compensated for their efforts.

Pay prevailing wage to construction services employees in buildings receiving the 467-A tax reduction

This legislation (S.6350-A / A.7434-A) requires the payment of the prevailing wage to construction service employees in cooperatives and condominiums that receive tax reductions under section 467a of the tax law.

The legislation establishes affidavits that certify the payment of current wages to construction service workers, public records that can be presented before a judicial or administrative court.

Senator Hochul said that if you take advantage of the tax advantages to build these buildings in New York City, you should pay your workers, particularly office cleaners, a prevailing wage.

Senator Brian Benjamin (now Lieutenant Governor) and Assemblywoman Carmen De La Rosa pushed the bill. They are both grateful for the Governor’s signature in recognizing the importance of the law to New York City’s economy and that essential worker can finally earn the wages and benefits they deserve.

Expansion of shared work benefits

This legislation (S.4049 / A.5678) changes the limit of shared work benefits from 26 weeks in a row to an amount of time equivalent to 26 weeks of benefits.

The job-sharing program allows employers to retain employees and avoid layoffs by allowing staff members to receive partial unemployment insurance benefits while working reduced hours.

This bill will allow claimants to collect the reduced UI benefit under a Shared Work Program until they have reached their maximum benefit amount under traditional UI.

Assemblywoman Latoya Joyner is the sponsor of the law said that with this legislation New York will extend the period of time during which an eligible claimant will receive benefits under the Shared Work Program.

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