Putin Congratulates Biden On The New Year And Hopes For An Effective Dialogue With The US.

Russian President Vladimir Putin today congratulated his US counterpart Joe Biden on Christmas and the New Year, in a telegram in which he hoped that both countries could maintain an “effective dialogue

“I am convinced that in line with our agreements reached during the June summit in Geneva and subsequent contacts, we will be able to move forward and establish an effective Russian-American dialogue based on mutual respect and our national interests the Kremlin reported.

Putin added that Russia and the United States, as two countries with “a special responsibility” for international and regional stability, “can and must interact constructively”, joining forces in the face of numerous challenges and threats, which threaten humanity.

Putin’s congratulation comes a few hours before a phone conversation with Biden, scheduled for tonight.

During the meeting, the two leaders are expected to talk about the tensions around Ukraine and the security guarantees demanded by Moscow from NATO.

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