A Premier League All-Star Game is a goal of Chelsea’s president.

The American Todd Boehly, who is the new president of Chelsea Football Club, proposed the idea of an “All-Star Game of English soccer” on Tuesday. This match would pit a team from the north of England against a team from the south of England, similar to how the “All-Star Game” is played in American sports. We think that it would not be difficult to put together an “All-Star Game” that would face a team from the North against one from the South, and that this would be to the financial advantage of the entire Premier League. Boehly further on this topic during a discussion held in New York and hosted by the SALT group.

Boehly, who co-owns the Blues as well as having shares in the Los Angeles Dodgers (baseball) and Lakers (basketball), stated that he has already presented the concept to his colleagues in the Premier League. People across the English football pyramid are calling for increased financial support. This year, at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, we made two hundred million dollars (two hundred million euros) using just one Monday and one Tuesday. Boehly made a brag. Both basketball’s National Basketball Association (the governing body) and baseball’s Major League Baseball hold annual All-Star games in the United States. These games feature the top players from each league’s teams or conferences.

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