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After a dispute with Mermoz, Urios backs Jalibert.

"I'm full of these stories": Urios supports Jalibert after a controversy with Mermoz

The coach of the UBB team attended a press conference once more to discuss the controversies that surrounded his international team.

It is a controversy that has been agitating the rugby sphere since Wednesday. On Friday, the manager of Bordeaux-Bègles, Christophe Urios, defended his opener Matthieu Jalibert, who is at the center of a controversy on social networks, by evoking “a beautiful person who does not deserve what is said of him.” Matthieu Jalibert will be the holder and scorer on Saturday in Montpellier.

“Today, I would like us to talk about Bordeaux because of our good behavior and our quality of play rather than going after this bullshit that has been going on for too long months and that is pissin’ us off,” reacted Friday Urios in response to what pollutes the preparation of the UBB and tarnish the image of Jalibert before the trip on Saturday to the champion Montpellier. That makes him sad, I understand but I’m full of the ass of these stories, frankly. Matthieu (Jalibert) is a beautiful person, and I say this all the more so because I had a bad time with him last year and it cost me dearly, continued the Girondin manager. “In no case does what happens on social networks pollute anything. That makes him sad, I understand but I’m full of the ass of these stories.”

The Turkish head of French rugby?

“He’s a guy who doesn’t deserve what they say about him and that’s why he’s attacking the match (in Montpellier). He will show everyone the person he is. I think it will help him because he is a champion,” he added. “He’s a guy who doesn’t deserve what they say about him and that’s why he’s attacking the match.” Jalibert will be the scorer for UBB in Hérault, even though he missed two penalties at the end of the encounter against Toulouse (25-26), which took place on the first day of the Top 14 competition.

At the press conference, Jefferson Poirot, the left pillar and captain of the team, who played in the selection alongside Mermoz, stated that “to know a little bit about the person who charged (Jalibert), it may be a difficult period for him. He looked for some light.” Mermoz was also present at the press conference. Poirot was finally asked about the image that Jalibert sends back, which could eventually pass him off as “the Turkish head” of French rugby like certain footballers are whistled at all of the stadiums, and he responded by saying, “I do not know. To know Matthieu, to live every day for several years with him is a false image.” [French] The international pillar came to the following conclusion: “Matthieu is a big competitor. It’s a World Cup year, very important for him, I think the answers he wants to bring to the field. When he is 100% and wins us, the items were going the other way. The thing we need is that he stays focused on rugby, that he plays his game, that he makes us win matches, and these things, we won’t even talk about them in a few months.”

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