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After leaving Laporte and Simon, Boudjellal attacks Novès.

Rugby: Boudjellal turns on Novès after his exit on Laporte and Simon

In a recent interview, Guy Novès, who formerly served as the head coach of the France national rugby team, was asked about the legal issues that Bernard Laporte and Serge Simon were facing at the time of his departure from the France team. Novès did not hold back any of his comments. “He had said, “I can’t be happier, happier than to see the filth they’re in.” “I can’t be happier, happier than to see the shit they’re in.” Mourad Boudjellal gave him a pointed comment in his weekly piece that was broadcast on Rugbyrama in response to the muscular outing that he had just completed.

“Guy, you should be aware that this severely dampens my spirits. You are an exceptionally bright individual, you have a resume that would make every coach in the Top 14 green with envy, and even more than that, you are rather intelligent in rugby and cultured. And I’m at a loss to comprehend why, at this level, you can take pleasure in the tragedies of other people. He stated that if we find joy in the misfortunes of others, it is an indication that our own lives are not very fulfilling. And I had no reason to believe that you were. Perhaps there are aspects of your life that we are unaware of that are currently taking place. But to be happy, you need to have a lousy life, because all the other people are in shitty lives.

And the former leader of the Var continued, “And I do not recognize the accomplished tactician that you are. Imagine that Serge Simon and Bernard Laporte are not caught, that they are not sentenced, and that France wins the world championship the following year; then you will be able to eat. You should always be thinking ahead to your next step! Because Bernard Laporte will be pleased to say it: “If we won the world championship, it’s because I let Guy Novès go because he was such a loser!” And there you are going to eat because everyone will agree with him since he is going to be the world champion. »

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