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Ahead of Wembanyama’s return, the Mets stock up on fuel in Betclic Elite.

Betclic Elite: the Mets refuel for the return of Wembanyama

This past Friday, Boulogne-Levallois earned a victory over Blois by a score of 113-88 to celebrate the homecoming of their young star player Victor Wembanyama.

Even Lionel Jospin had an interest in meeting him face to face. After a successful tour of the United States, the Marcel-Cerdan Sports Palace in Levallois, which hosts the Metropolitans 92 basketball team, was packed to capacity to see the homecoming of 18-year-old phenom Victor Wembanyama, who played Friday in Elite versus Blois (113-88).

There is, in fact, a Wembanyama effect, at least in the stands: for the first time this season, all around 2,800 seats in the Hauts-de-Seine venue, which is located not too far from Paris, have been occupied by paying customers.

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On the occasion of the first game of the “Mets” at home since they went to play two games near Las Vegas as part of an operation intended to show Americans, fans, recruiters, and NBA leaders, the talent of the big favorite to be the N.1 of the next draught, which will take place in June 2023, the “Mets” won their first game at home. The operation was successful.

Wembanyama also makes the following announcement to Marcel-Cerdan: as soon as he enters the room, his 2.21 m and 2.43 m wingspan challenge the spectators on a life-size poster: “Measure yourself against Victor Wembanyama” – he writes for the attention of the applicant, with markers half and three-quarters the size of the player.

Even though former Prime Minister Lionel Jospin, who is now 85 years old and has passed his time, was seated in the front row next to legendary basketball journalist George Eddy, he nevertheless attended the game.


Young Mathis was spotted in the stands, sporting a Wembanyama shirt that had been gifted to him by his uncle only moments before.

This one, Sébastien Léger, resides in Lyon but was invited by a friend who “told him that Wembanyama was a future star.” He had been told that Wembanyama was a future star. Therefore, he made them available to his brother and son, who also does not reside in the area that is considered to be the Mets’ catchment area because they are from Essonne, 91.

Sébastien Léger told AFP, “We came to see it while there is still time, and to witness a nugget in real life.” “We came to see it while there is still time.”

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They have been able to especially admire the defensive talents of Wembanyama for a long time. He was the most acclaimed player when the teams were announced, and his three counterattacks in the first period (five in total) ignited the cheers of the room.

Because throughout the attack, the interior provided a long shy area, which was further accentuated by a cannonball at the match’s conclusion. Included in this was an award-winning shot that was scored off balance with a fault gained six minutes before the match’s conclusion, bringing back, after a period of dearth, the audience’s and the announcer’s fond recollections of “Wembyyyyy!”

Wembanyama finished the game with 17 points (on 7/10 shooting, including 2/3 from 3-point range) in 27 minutes, which is a long cry from the 37 and 36 points he scored against the G-League Ignite, which prompted LeBron James to describe him as “extra-earthly.”

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