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Atlanta home of former NBA player Vince Carter was broken into, and about $100,000 was taken.


While Vince Carter’s wife and children were present, armed intruders came into his Atlanta home and took about $100,000 in cash over the weekend, according to authorities.

According to an Atlanta Police Department incident report made public on Wednesday, Carter’s wife Sondi Carter and the couple’s two sons hid in a closet on Sunday night as burglars broke in through a first-floor window and ransacked their 10,000 square foot home in Atlanta’s affluent Buckhead neighbourhood.

According to the complaint, Sondi Carter told officers she was in bed with her two sons at 11:50 p.m. when she heard loud noises coming from the front. As the suspects ran upstairs and searched the family’s possessions in various rooms, she grabbed her sons and the three of them ran to hide in their bedroom closet.

Sondi Carter claimed that while hiding in the closet, she texted the neighbourhood watch and then 911.

An Atlanta Police Department officer on neighbourhood patrol who was off-duty responded and pursued a man wearing a mask and all-black attire down the street until the man got into a black SUV and sped off.

Shortly later, police arrived at the house and discovered $16,100 in $100 bills scattered on the ground outside the guarded home.

However, according to the retired 2020 Hawks star Vince Carter, only a small portion of the $100,000 missing from a brown bag he kept in the master bedroom closet was found.

According to the report, police also discovered a black Glock 26 with an extended magazine and a gold Desert Eagle revolver belonging to Vince Carter outside the house.

The Glock, according to the police, was left behind by the robbers.

According to the report, inside the house, officers discovered a number of rooms in disorder, a gate at the top of the stairs torn off its hinges, and a first-floor window totally broken in.

The scene was captured on camera, and a fingerprint was taken from a possible side door the suspects may have used to leave the house. Additionally, they gathered security footage from cameras on the site.

During the break-in, Sondi Carter and her sons were unharmed.

Vince Carter, who played 22 seasons in the NBA and is currently an NBA analyst for ESPN, purchased the house and the roughly an acre and a half of land it stands on in August 2020 for close to $7 million, according to property records.

The inquiry is still ongoing.


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