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Canelo defeats Golovkin in the ring, but his victory lacks flair.

Boxing: Canelo finishes with Golovkin, but without panache

Last night in Las Vegas, the Mexican defeated the Kazakh to earn his second victory in a row and his third overall victory.

At this point, it should be obvious: Saul “Canelo Alvarez’s victory over Gennady Golovkin in their third fight, which took place on Saturday in Las Vegas and was decided by a unanimous decision, was evidence that Canelo Alvarez is superior to his great rival Gennady Golovkin. The fight was less exciting than their first two bouts, which were considered to be classics of the genre. The Mexican boxer, who is 32 years old and has the super-middleweight titles of the WBA, WBC, WBO, and IBF, as well as the coveted belt held by Ring Magazine, concluded a trilogy against the Kazakh boxer, who is 40 years old and has been mired in controversy for a long time.

His first victory, which took place in September 2018, as well as the draw that he had previously conceded the previous year, had been questioned by a lot of observers and professionals who believed at the time that he ought to have been labeled as the loser. And although the fact that these 24 rounds were brutal and unforgettable, the fact that they were chained in front of celebrities such as NBA champion Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors and actor Michael B. Jordan, who plays the boxer Creed in the film, will not be remembered in history. “I thanked him because we were able to put on three fights that will be remembered for a long time in boxing history. However, Canelo was deemed the winner by all three judges, and I thought he looked hot after the fight (116-112, 115-113, 115-113). A close score that is extremely difficult to defend considering the overwhelming nature of its victory.

Golovkin’s late awakening

If it needs to be explained, Golovkin’s late awakening from the ninth round is a quick way to forget how one-sided the fight was during the first eight rounds, during which the Kazakh was then cruelly his age. If it needs to be explained, Golovkin’s late awakening from the ninth round is a quick way to forget how one-sided the fight was during the first eight rounds. Despite some violent hooks from the Mexican, from the left in the third round, and from the right in the fifth round, which marked, like iron, both sides of his forehead, he was still able to keep the shock and the distance by not going to the mat. He did this even though the Mexican was on his right side in the third round. However, for an excessively long period, his resistance has been equaled only by his incapacity to let go of his shots, making him a formidable puncher.

Golovkin fought back after a pause, managing to touch his opponent with his famed right hand, which injured many who encountered its full face so much but did not hurt enough this time. However, Canelo did not appear to have the knockout in the gloves, so Golovkin fought again. Canelo, like him, has never gone ashore in his career, and despite obvious exhaustion paired with a good gash in the right arch, he knew how to control this futile last stand. This is because Canelo has never gone ashore in his career. “This conflict involved more strategy, much like a game of chess. But take a look at his mug. Take a gander at my mug. It demonstrates that we put up a very good fight,” estimated “GGG,” without forgetting to include “congratulate.” “his opponent.


Defeats can show how great one can be, come back and be humble.

Gennady Golovkin

Enough to put an end to the bad blood between the two boxers, who have frequently insulted each other over the past few years, with the Kazakh most notably accusing the Mexican of doping, after the Kazakh tested positive for an anabolic substance called clenbuterol, which resulted in a six-month suspension for him. Their prolonged and open embrace was more evidence of this fact, with Alvarez repairing his reputation with this 58th triumph (including 39 before the limit, 2 draws, and 2 defeats). As a result of the fact that he continued to suffer a setback — the second of his career, following the one he suffered in 2014 against Floyd Mayweather — during an unsuccessful attempt to return to light heavyweight competition against Dmitry Bivol. The Russian, who was stronger and the current WBC champion, defeated him with a unanimous decision. “I struggled through some of life’s most trying situations. The only thing we can do is go in our current direction. He advised his audience to “come back and remain humble” after experiencing defeat since “defeats can show how amazing you can be.”

As for Canelo’s desire for revenge against Bivol, “of course, everyone knows” that he has that intention. However, he stated, “I need to rest my body” and added that he would “have to operate with my left hand, which is not in excellent condition.” Is it time for Golovkin to hang up his gloves after suffering his second loss in 45 fights (42 wins including 37 before the limit, 1 draw)? If the hour of decline has not yet arrived for the Guadalajara warrior, has it arrived for Golovkin? According to him, in no way whatsoever: I still have a significant number of appointments. I have maintained my title as middleweight champion with both the WBA and the IBF. I’ll be there,” she said.

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