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“Changing coaches is not the correct approach,” says Aulas after “considering” sacking Bosz.

Ligue 1: “I am convinced that it is not the right solution to change” coach, loose Aulas after … having “thought” of firing Bosz

The president of OL defends his team’s head coach and responds to criticisms posted on social networks.

Peter Bosz, are you going to stop or continue? Olympique Lyonnais is in the sixth position in the standings with 13 points on the board, trailing behind PSG (22 pts), Marseille (20), Lorient (19), Lens (18), and Monaco (14). Olympique Lyonnais has been defeated three times in a row in Ligue 1, and they are currently in last place. Despite a good beginning to the season, it was hardly an outstanding performance (4 wins, 1 draw). Suddenly, people are starting to speculate about what the future holds for the Dutch coach. Not Jean-Michel Aulas. Not even close. No longer, however. Even if it is intolerable to lose, we are not going to call into question anything just because we have lost three games in a row. When we change coaches after eight days when we are in sixth place and have 13 points, aren’t we taking an additional risk? It would be unreasonable to claim that we hadn’t given the matter any consideration, no. Recognizes and thanks President Aulas for The Team’s commitment to providing “the coach and all of the personnel in the greatest possible conditions to achieve.” In addition, if at the end of the season we finished in eighth place, I would have resigned earlier. We are going to exercise caution. There is a possibility that there will be dread, but I can assure you that we will prevail, and the coach is not to blame.

Keep in mind that Peter Bosz’s squad ended the previous campaign with an eighth-place result and was eliminated from European Cup contention; this suggests that fans of OL have a (very) limited capacity for patience… Jean-Michel Aulas, on the other hand, does not appreciate even a small fraction of the numerous complaints that can be found on social networks. Criticisms are leveled at the 73-year-old leader who has served as president of the Rhone club continuously since 1987. It irritates me, but I believe the people who say I’m overwhelmed are in a worse position than I am. “It’s the advantage when you have 35 years of experience and 60 titles on the counter,” he squeaks jokingly while performing a pirouette. “It’s the advantage when you have 60 titles on the counter.”


I prefer to be in my place than that of Lens, Rennes and Nice.

Jean Michel Aulas

And to continue, once again on Peter Bosz’s potential in the future: If I had to switch positions with Vincent Ponsot (who is the director of football operations for the OL) and Bruno Cheyrou (who is the head of the recruitment unit), I would, but I am now convinced that this is not the best way to go about making the switch. If you switch coaches before heading to Lens, Rennes, or Nice, you put the one who arrives in a scenario in which they must… Whereas, if you are confident that you have the best coach for the job, he will not let you down in these matches there; instead, he will win them. I would much rather be in my position than in that of Lens, Rennes, or Nice, even if Nice’s coach were to change… There is a possibility that Mauricio Pochettino might replace Lucien Favre as the manager of the Gym. In the meanwhile, the position of Peter Bosz’s successor does not appear to be up for grabs despite the recent string of losses against Lorient (1-3), Monaco (1-2), and Paris-SG (1-2). (0-1). Bosz, who is 58 years old and has been in office since 2021 and is under contract through 2023, would do well to initiate a good dynamic as soon as possible. To qualify for the 2022 World Cup (which takes place between November 20 and December 18), Lyon must first compete against Lens, then Toulouse, then Rennes, then Montpellier, then Lille, then Marseille, and lastly Nice.

Mark Affolter will be John Textor’s campaign manager in Lyon.

To take official control of the club that President Aulas holds near and dear, future owner John Textor of OL still needs to come up with the necessary finances. He would have found fulfillment in a relationship with Mark Affolter, one of the leaders of Ares, who already has balls at clubs like Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan, for instance. He missed out on this opportunity. The information comes from our friends at L’Equipe, who are working to ensure that Affolter, who is described as a “strong investor,” “should supply the majority of the finance for the purchase of OL.”

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