Clermont-Toulouse: Mallia Indomitable, The Clermont defense drinks the cup

Mallia Shone and the Clermont defense were disillusioned

TOPS-FLOPS – The vivacity of Mallia, the power of Roumat but also the defensive errors of the Jaunards and a not-very-radiant Penaud… Find our Tops and our Flops after this match between Clermont and Toulouse (13-32).

Mallia Shone
image source:google Mallia Shone


Juan Cruz Mallia: Passion to spare

The Argentinian put his people on the right track after seven short minutes of play by perfectly concluding an action initiated by Richie Arnold and Alexandre Ramat. He is also behind Melvyn Jaminet’s third try by infiltrating the left wing off the sidelines. The Clermont defense has never managed to contain its liveliness. The Puma perfectly made up for the absence of Matthis Lebel, left to rest, and certainly consolidated its place in the Toulouse rotation.

Juan Cruz Mallia11
image source: google Juan Cruz Mallia

Alexandre Roumat, Power and Elegance

In all the good moves this Sunday, the Toulouse third line is gaining momentum week after week in this red-and-black starting XV. On the Clermont lawn, he accompanied almost all of his team’s offensives, particularly from the 7th minute, with this sharp race leading to Mallia’s try. A complete player, at the same time powerful, mobile and swift.

Melvyn Jaminet: First Waste, then Clinical

Like this famous match on the lawn of Murrayfield during the last Six Nations Tournament (36-17 victory for the Blues against Scotland), he first had trouble against the poles due to a swirling wind that made bullet trajectories uncertain. But once the sights were set, the Toulouse rear almost missed nothing except this final penalty a few seconds from the end of the match. He even offered himself a try as a bonus, five minutes after returning from the locker room. He was also vigilant about the rare balls passed behind his back. A clean and complete service.

Melvyn Jaminet
image source:google Melvyn Jaminet


A Desperate Clermont Defense

The rearguard of the Jaunards took on water from all sides this Sunday at the Michelin. In the first period, it was in an armchair that Sofiane Guitoune managed to combine with Pierre-Louis Barassi to slip away and score the second try of the game. And what about this action concluded by Paul Graou on his return from the locker room… Barassi, again, infiltrates like butter into the opposing 22 meters by breaking an incalculable number of tackles before letting the scrum-half dig the ‘difference. A defense that was too little aggressive which cost a lot against the undisputed leader of the championship.

Damian Penaud, a Wind of Revolt… too late

Repositioned in the center due to the many absences, he should benefit from more exciting balls to play. But Toulouse’s domination did not allow ASM to develop their attacking game and Penaud’s performance was considerably affected. Deprived of the ball, the international tricolor finds himself helpless and unable to make a difference with his devastating races. Rather well received by the January public, despite the recent announcement of his transfer to Bordeaux-Bègles at the end of the season, Penaud tried to breathe a wind of revolt at the end of the match. But ASM was already 26 points behind.

Jules Plisson, too little Creative

Ball in hand, the Clermont opener was far too neutral on the Michelin lawn. If the swelling has, of course, spent most of his time in the arms of Toulouse, he has not been able to exploit the few opportunities available to him. This penaltouch catapulted directly into a dead ball during the first act. He is also one of the first jaunards to give up his place after returning from the locker room despite his defensive efforts. His substitute, Anthony Belleau, showed him better dispositions in the creation of the game.

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