Crazy Blues are absolutely unsinkable in the EuroHoops tournament.

On Wednesday, Thomas Heurtel’s misfortune struck at the most inopportune time. OLIVER BEHRENDT / AFP

DECRYPTION – The Tricolores achieved a miraculous victory over Turkey in the eighth round, and on Wednesday, in the quarterfinals, they surmounted the obstacle presented by Italy following a similarly bizarre scenario.

“With both heart and balls.” In the opinion of Rudy Gobert, these are the components that contributed to the success of the French basketball team in their victory over Italy (93-85 ap) in the quarterfinals of the European Championship on Wednesday. An Italy that ran into trouble in the opening period with a blue wall, but then managed to capitalize on the generosity of French people who once more missed the point of the game. The team led by Vincent Collet gave up 31 points in the third quarter and saw their opponents gain a lead of up to eight lengths in the second half. However, their opponents only increased their lead to seven points with two minutes left in the regulation time. And the miracle took place, with Turkey coming in eighth place (87-86 ap). Simone Fontecchio, who had scored 21 points, had the potential to put France out of the game with two free throws for Italy when the score was 77-75 and there were 16 seconds left in the fourth quarter. Failure on both fronts. After the equalization of the game by Thomas Heurtel (20 points, 8 rebounds), the same Fontecchio missed the winning basket in “money time.” The Italians were no longer required to board the train.

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Even though…

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