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DC United-Inter Miami racial insult, Rooney and Neville react

MLS: racist insult uttered during DC United-Inter Miami, Rooney and Neville react

THE SPORTS SCAN – Even though his player Taxiarchis Fountas had just racially insulted their opponent, Coach Wayne Rooney chose to keep their aggressor on the field.

An unfortunate event took place during the match between DC United and Inter Miami on Sunday evening, which was the 38th day of the Major League Soccer season.

The match was stopped because Florida striker Taxiarchis Fountas called Jamaican Damian Low a “nigger,” which is the Jamaican word for “Negro.” This angered Low, who is also known as “Negro” in English, and the referee. An offensive remark of a racist nature that Wayne Rooney, his trainer, did not take well. The former striker for England, Miguel Berry, came on as a substitute for Fountas after he was immediately replaced.

“That was an insensitive and offensive remark that has no place here. The word that was uttered is abhorrent to society, and it is one of the most offensive words in the entire English language. Racism has no place on a football field and should be avoided at all costs. Owners agree 100%. I have to commend my teammates for maintaining their composure throughout the entire game. I feel obligated to offer my congratulations to the referee for handling a particularly challenging issue. I have to give credit to Wayne Rooney for handling it the way he did, and I have to start by praising him for following the guidelines given forth by MLS “Phil Neville, a former player for the Miami Heat, commented on the game today from the Miami bench.

A choice that does not come as a surprise to the former Everton defender who has a strong familiarity with Rooney as a result of their time spent together in Manchester: “I have known him all my life as someone who always carries himself with dignity. He’s reclaimed his place at the top of my respect list more than any goal he’s ever scored»…

“The players were in pain and disheartened by their performance. I contacted the players because, throughout my past work with England, I encountered a great deal of racism in several different places. I have a good deal of experience in figuring out how to deal with predicaments like these. I don’t know if there has ever been a night in which I’ve been more proud of my team than tonight. Neville continued.

After the game, defender DeAndre Yedlin for Inter Miami said that his squad was prepared to quit the field without continuing play if it became necessary. MLS, on the other hand, took interest in the situation and declared that it would be initiating a probe into it.

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