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Deschamps does not shut Giroud’s World Cup door.

"He does everything to be there": Deschamps does not close the door to Giroud at the World Cup

The achievement of his team in the League of Nations match against Austria (which they won 2-0), which took place on Thursday evening, was broken down in front of the media by the head coach of the Blues.

At the Stade de France

What analysis do you make of the victory of the Blues?
Didier Deschamps:

There is no joy comparable to triumph, yet we were unable to secure it in June. It was a difficult period, but tonight (Thursday), the players will be rewarded for the collective performance we achieved; as a result of this, the score could have been significantly higher. Because the players are competitors, they are tasked with and expected to provide results for the competition.

The players replied with presence and were conscious that they were playing their final match of the calendar year with us, in our garden at the Stade de France, which is a place where we feel good. It’s a very lovely evening.

Mbappe and Deschamps are shown here. Credit: Christian Hartmann / Reuters

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Olivier Giroud played an accomplished game with a goal in particular, does that change anything in your thinking? What more can he do to be on the plane to Qatar?

Allow him to proceed in this manner. You are going to give everything meaning of your own, but did I tell you that he would be there or not? It is incumbent upon him to deliver, and tonight he accomplished exactly that (Thursday). We won’t know anything until November. Even though he is putting in an incredible amount of effort, there is a lot of fierce competition for every position. I can have a larger margin; I could go as high as 26…

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I am overjoyed for Olivier because I am aware that he is valued by the general people and I think he deserves this success. He deserves it. It is due to his efforts. If I do call on him, it is with the expectation that he will perform well and score goals. I would have the opportunity to reflect on the situation before making my choices (smile).

What is your view on the three-man defense and the contribution of the pistons?
We were efficient and reliable defensively, and except for a slim possibility, we gave the Austrian team little to work with. I was successful in settling the dispute and discussing the matter with the players to prevent the imbalance. Because Kylian (Mbappé) was on the left lane, Jonathan (Clauss) brought a lot of things, and he was a little higher than Ferland (Mendy). Facing a 4-4-2 formation, I anticipated having greater difficulty, whether in the offensive contribution or the defensive securities; but, our movements did not give the Austrians time to arrange themselves. We were extremely solid.

What is your assessment of the contribution of the two newcomers, Benoît Badiashile and Youssouf Fofana?
They have demonstrated excellence in the role that they play and have done so with composure and assurance. Some of the candidates had more difficult beginnings than others when it came to the first selection. In addition to this, one must consider their mental and moral status. Their whole performance has met and beyond my expectations.

Jules Koundé and Mike Maignan have joined the infirmary, are you worried about this carnage?

Mike is having trouble with his calf muscles, while Jules is having issues with her hamstring muscles. It’s safe to assume that they won’t be able to participate in Sunday’s match against Denmark due to their injury. On the other hand, they have lost players. Because of the buildup of injuries and the limited time for recovery, our players are susceptible to such factors throughout the first half. Due to the sequential nature of the matches and the psychological pressures placed upon them, there is no match in which they can remain silent. That’s a significant amount considering that we weren’t spared before this match. In a little over a month, I’m hoping to have none left.

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