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Flip-flops/tops Spain-Switzerland: Boss Akanji, double-dealing Roja

Tops / Flops Spain-Switzerland: Akanji as boss, a two-faced Roja

La Roja was defeated by Switzerland in their home stadium despite having a strong second half (1-2). In light of this, Spain will play Portugal in the match that determines its position in the final four in three days.


Sommer, the Swiss wall

The goalkeeper for Switzerland was nothing short of heroic. If he didn’t have to do much in the first half, he had to give the Nati everything he had in the second if they were going to have any chance of winning. The goalie produced an initial stop on a shot that was taken by Pedri, and then a few moments later, he prevailed in his face-to-face confrontation with the Spanish striker. Double parade for him (70th). In the action that comes after that, he keeps going with a high-class parade as Llorente is making a dry strike (76th). Even at the very end of the contest, when Spain is trying to tie the score, he will prevent it from happening. The doorman turns his body so that he is lying on his right side to push back with his fingertips. With a reflex parade, Soler fires a shot from the right side of the surface (93rd). What a silly game, Sommer! On Alba’s goal, he is helpless and has no options (54th).

The Impassable Akanji

He is without a doubt the most valuable player on the field. The Swiss defense was imperial, and they were successful in thwarting the majority of Spanish offensives. He reassured his family over and over again that he was always disciplined. And it is even he who sets the Nati on the path that should be taken. On a left corner that was rolled by Vargas, Akanji flies over the Spanish defense to prick his recovery with the head on the line of 6 meters from Unai Simon and trick the goalkeeper for Roja. However, the defender does not give up at that point and will assist. Again, during a corner, Akanji makes his way to the near post and uses the heel of his foot to deflect the ball six meters behind his back. The purpose of Embolo’s presence is to facilitate close-range shots on goal. This goal ensures that the National Team will prevail in Spain.


The sterile Spanish possession

After barely a quarter of an hour of play, Spain had already achieved 75% possession of the ball; however, they had only managed one shot, which was countered and missed the target. La Roja undoubtedly had his eye on the prize, but he took his time to establish his motions, which resulted in a peculiar skewed sense of rhythm. Spain did not respond to the opening of the score by Switzerland and instead maintained the same dynamic throughout the game. Luis Enrique’s men don’t get any chances. Spain went into the locker room having held possession of the ball for 74% of the game but being behind 1-0. In the second half, Spain plays with a lot more intensity and is eventually able to tie the game. The Swiss, however, are quick to react, and Sommer will maintain his vigilance until the very end. The Reds had to pay the price for a terrible first-half performance.

An apathetic Spanish defense from a corner

Both of the goals that Spain gave up came from corners that were taken against them. Indeed, La Roja is not recognized for having players that are powerful athletically and physically, but fact that this is still a concern at this level. On the play that led to the first goal, Akanji was the only player standing at the penalty spot. He puts in a header without crossing it, and the ball ends in the bottom left corner of Unai Simon after it first hits the ground. One has to wonder what happened to the Spanish defense. In the second half, the bis were repeated. Even though it is a new corner, Akanji is the one who cuts the ball toward the near post. He comes into the middle of the field, right in front of the goals. Even though he was surrounded by several defenders, Embolo was still able to get the ball into the back of the net. Two mistakes that will allow the Nati to win the match.

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