Football game between Armenia and Ukraine, with wars as a backdrop

As part of the fifth day of the League of Nations, Armenia and Ukraine are getting ready to play against each other on a football field, while being in the midst of a conflict on their territories.

The 20th of September is a Tuesday. Robert Lewandowski was honored with the gift of a yellow and blue captain’s armband by former Ukraine great striker Andrei Shevchenko, who visited the National Stadium in Warsaw while it was empty. A brief ceremony and a symbolic gesture were performed to express the nation’s gratitude to the Polish striker who plays for FC Barcelona. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Polish striker has continued to show support for the Ukrainian people. Lewandowski, who will represent Poland at the upcoming World Cup in Qatar and will wear the captain’s armband, said, “I’m very proud.” In addition to this, he made sure to bring up the fact that “the war is still relevant and that we are still thinking about Ukraine.”

Two nations at war

If this booster shot is effective, it is not because support brands have stopped going into Ukraine, since that would not be the case. It is more accurate to say that indications of a return to normalcy are starting to appear, the first of which is the restarting of games with the national football team. At the beginning of June, the team coached by Oleksandr Petrakov had already moved on to…

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