For Baticle, “our game plan required a lot of courage” in Ligue 1

After suffering a loss against OM by a score of 0-3 on Friday night, the coach for Angevin offers his thoughts and observations on the game.

“It was difficult, but we expected it,” said Gérald Battle, the coach of Anger, after their 3-0 loss to Marseille. We had done a thorough analysis of their game, which possesses a great deal of power in every facet. We had prepared a game plan for this match, anticipating an opponent of this quality, and we were expecting to obtain a result from it. There were many different scenarios, and the emphasis was placed on working efficiently. The post was delivered in the opposite direction for them as it was for us, and that’s when things started to shift. It was detrimental to us, and it gave them an advantage in the game. The players had to demonstrate a high level of bravery to succeed with our game strategy.

I am content with the contribution they made, we put in a lot of effort, and we made a lot of progress, but our efficiency was lacking. To win against these powerful teams, you need to take the lead in the score at some point and work to create uncertainty in your rival’s mind. But we were clueless about how to do the task (…). It is essential to translate content into attainable goals. When you come in at half-time having played well but yet finding yourself in a losing position, it can be very challenging. We were aware of how powerful a team they were when it came to regaining possession of the ball. And for that, we were disciplined.

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